Dubai Sightseeing: Desert Reserve

Dubai is famous not only by its ambitious projects for the development of tourism and business, but also a unique natural reserve under the protection of the state.

The Desert Reserve (Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve) covers an area of ​​225 square kilometers, which is more than 5 percent of the territory of the entire Emirate of Dubai, and is considered the largest conservation zone in the UAE. There is a huge amount of wild animals, some species of which are on the verge of extinction. Of particular interest to travelers are local landscapes and oasis with doves. Desert shrubs grow on the territory of the reserve: Panlar, Ratchnik, Primrose, Begonia, and DR.

Tourists are offered to visit the Desert, having participating in a variety of excursions and safaris on SUVs and camels. And for lovers of eco-tourism, special tours are held here: foreigners are offered for one week to live in a campsite in the middle of the desert to feel like Bedouins lived for thousands of years. Everyone can participate in regular routines for collecting data on life and sizes of population-beauty, Orix Antelope and Wild Cat Gordon.

Sightseeing Dubai Desert Reserve

Those who want to participate in the life of the desert, but are not ready to sleep in a tent, can book a room at Al Maha a Luxury Collection Desert Resort and Spa.

In the reserve you can see Arab Gazelle
The reserve takes 5 percent of the territory of the Dubai Emirate

Sightseeing Dubai Desert Reserve

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