Sightseeing Cupoise: Luna Park Tyukkimyaki

The third largest amusement park is located in Couplight РTykkimäki (Tyukkimyaki). There are about 40 different attractions. Guests of the park at the entrance are coming frogs of Kusta and Kertta РSymbols of the Park, Living in a funny inverted house. Every year, the park is attended by about 200 thousand tourists from Finland and other countries, the ours still account for only 10 percent of the total.

The moon park works only in the summer months: for the winter, all attractions disassemble and take off, the schedule is changing, so before a visit it should be clarified on the official website. The most unusual attraction – Starflyer: It assumes fans of sharp sensations to a height of 72 meters. From here there is a stunning view of the lake, urban beach and endless green forests. In 2013, a new attraction was opened – ATRENALIN Rope Park with various difficulty levels. It is designed for children, but the most complex tracks will be interested in adults. Tradition every year. Each year to raise visitors to the park. New surprises continued in 2014: in the city there appeared his water park with pools, the water thermal industry in which in any weather is 25 degrees. On the territory of the water park works a democratic cafe.

In addition to the Starflyer attraction in the Tyukkimyak Park, there are some more attractions that can be recognized as extreme, but in general the park is designed for a calm family vacation. Especially children like a mini farm with piglets, rabbits and other animals, which can be ironed and feed.

Sightseeing Cupoise Moon Park Tyukkimyaki

Interestingly, there is no access to Wi-Fi on the territory of the Moon Pokka and the water park. The park management is going to introduce this service in 2015 only because of the issues of tourists from Russia: FINNAM Find wireless Internet in the park of attractions in the head does not come. Looks like they know about holidays something that ours have not yet been led.

Between the water park and the amusement park there is a campsite where you can put a tent or rent a cottage – from simple houses without amenities to sauna cottages. 72-meter attraction: the third height in the country
The temperature in the pools is always 25 degrees
Attraction is not for a weak heart and stomach
Entrance to Aquapark
Many diverse carousels in the park.
Inverted House Flags – Park Symbols
The park is designed for family holidays
Most fleet rides are suitable even for the youngest visitors.
Rope park
Mini Farm Amusement Park
The mini-zoo is always trying to show not only adult animals, but also soaked
The main rides Aquaparka
Beach in Kouvola

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