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Submission – Surprisingly beautiful terrain in Bulgaria, which is under the protection of the state since 1989. In this area, there are several curious environmental routes that are particularly popular with tourists.

The countryside is located near Burgas. This is the most important territory in terms of ornithology. Here in 1997, the Center for the Conservation of Nature was opened, and in 2003 the submission was declared the most important wetlands in the country.

Sightseeing Burgas Travel Guide

Area of ​​the territory – About 1 square kilometer. About 265 species of various birds live in this reserve. Interestingly, there is a special shelter for tourists on the territory of the sub-site, from which you can observe the life of the reserves of the reserve throughout the year and with any weather.

We draw the attention of tourists, which is open for visits exclusively on request. By the way, in addition to inspection of the territory of the reserve, guests can enjoy a permanent exhibition telling about the natural riches of Burgas and its surroundings. Here are the services of travelers – Optical instruments for studying birds, as well as such interesting objects like an exhibition of birdhouses, bird clock and much more. In addition, a lector is opened on the territory of the submission, and lectures are held in our inclusive.

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