Sightseeing Brazil: a personal experience

The city of El Salvador is divided into two parts: upper and lower city. If the upper town palaces, churches, museums, rich people at home, in the downtown area – the markets, warehouses, port facilities and houses of the poor.

To get from one city to another, even in 1872, we built the lift, which in 1930 was reconstructed Lacerda engineer and named in his honor. That lift Lacerda and is the center of the city. Hence diverge footpaths in all directions, both in the upper city and the lower.

Map of the historical part of the city (from the guide). We are where the number 2, at the Praça Tomé de Souza (Tome de Souza – the Portuguese, the town’s founder and first Governor-General).

Next to the lift – Palace Rio Branco (Rio Branco). This former residence of the Governor of the State. Now here Brazilian Museum. But most importantly – a species here on the Bay of All Saints, in the lower town. Left just lift Lacerda.

Rio de Janeiro. Statue of Christ on Corcovado mountain

The statue of Christ installed on the Corcovado mountain, visible from everywhere. And from the foot of the statue can be seen the whole city. The main thing is that there is no fog so lucky with the weather.

All Rio de Janeiro in sight. Cardeal Arcoverde Subway Station and Carioca – this we went to the historical part of the city (on the right in the picture). And even airplane Santos Dumont Airport, right on the edge. In the lower right corner of the mountain "Sugar head", which can be reached by cable car.

Well, in the center – Corcovado Mountain to the statue of Christ. Today, we have just to hike to the foot of the statue.

The height of the Corcovado mountain 709 meters. There laid railroad. And here are the trailers lift the tourists upstairs. In just two train wagon.

On Sunday, a lot of people. We arrived around 9 am. Nearest tickets only 11 hours. But the guide took the tickets in advance.

The ruins of the Jesuit reductions in Brazil: how to get

In Brazil, the reductions of the ruins are located in the east of the southern state of Rio Gradi do Sul. From the capital of Porto-Alegri 6 hours by bus to Santo Angelo (88.9 Reals). From Santo Angelo to San Miguel-Das Missoops walks local bass regulars from the company "Tal Antonello", 5 times a day from 7:15 to 17:00, cost 8.65 reals. Reverse buses less. Judging by the handwritten schedule, hanging in at the box office in San Miguel Das Missaes, on weekdays go at 6:30, 8:00, 12:00 and 18:15, on Saturdays – at 8:00, 12:00 and 17:30, on Sundays and Mondays – at 8:00 and 17:00.

Ride around one hour. From the Rhodovyaria to the ruins of the Reduction of San Miguel Archanges to go to the left – actually Rhodovyaria and adjoins the ruins of reduction. From the road is already visible for the wire fence and the church.

Open from 9 am to 6 pm (from March to October) and up to 8 in the summer in the summer. From 12 to 14 – Siesta. Login costs 5 rupees.

Journey to Waterfalls Iguazu

On waterfalls, more than 3 days there is nothing to do (you can cope in 2 days if you do not attend the Argentine side of the waterfalls!). We very much regretted that so much time decided to pay waterfalls.

Found tickets to Iguazu we bought through the local company there are still in Kyiv. There were no problems. In price it turned out about $ 200 per person.

Waterfalls from the Brazilian side are huge streams of water that fell by terrible height. We could not get to the Argentine side, since we did not open a visa in Ukraine, and there was no such possibility. On both sides of the waterfalls are in national parks. Entrance to the park costs 40.80 Real. Immediately after the entrance, there are two-story packed buses. On the way a few stops, three of them are the main: 1. Makuko Safari (it is such a entertainment when you are brought to waterfalls as much as possible). It was cold, so we did not risk their health. 2. Beginning a pedestrian walk along the waterfalls, 3. End of the route from waterfalls with several restaurants and souvenir shops. There we have doubts quite well. Restaurant by type of Shuraskaria, pay for the entrance and eat everything I want.

Along the route along the waterfalls you can meet the housing. Very funny animals. It is not worth feeding them, as they can be attached to you on the whole road and even attack. On the second day, we took an excursion to HPA ITAYPA.

Got no less impressions. Really worth going. Transfer from the hotel we cost 30 reals +10 Reals (per person) We have surcharge so that we were transported through the city and brought to the Buddhist temple.

Sightseeing Brazil personal experience

Excursion itself (we took an extended with a visit to the HPP itself) costs 51 Real. On the hydropower station you will not be allowed in very short shorts and slippers.

ITAYPA – the world’s largest HPP in the number of electricity generated.

The first stop on the excursion route is the observation deck with which the view of the entire station overlooks you, then you are brought to the very top of the hydroelectric station. The station is built on the Parana River, which is the border between Brazil and Paraguay. After that, you give helmets and lead along the station itself to the control panel, generators, etc. The border between the two countries passes exactly in the middle of the room where the station control panel is located.

So, if you do not plan to visit the Argentine side of the waterfalls, then two days is quite enough to see everything and get good impressions. The next day, we again went to admire the huge volumes of water by the height.

Excursions in Rio de Janeiro: where to go

On the third day, in the morning, we went to the sugar. Bus at number 511 (512 back) with the inscription URCA goes towards the mountain from the street AV. De Copacabana. The rise on the mountain itself cost us 53 Real per person. There you need to go only in the morning, so far there are no people, otherwise you will not be able to take a picture 🙂 We really liked it on the mountain. Some of the best impressions we got exactly there.

On the beach Copacabana has "Booths" – Touristic information. There we ordered a jeep safari in the Botanical Garden and the Tijuka Park worth 115 reals per person (including an entrance ticket to – 6 reals). We liked the trip: on the botanical garden we walked on foot, saw Tukanov and other birds, and in the park Tijuka driving all the time on the jeep and stayed in the most interesting places (look at monkeys, waterfall and others.).

On Sundays there is a hippie market, which is at the very beginning of Ipanoma near the subway station. For ourselves nothing particularly noted and did not bought. It was interesting to look at the features of culture and kitchen. By the way, in the corners of this market there are benches, where you can buy something from the local cuisine. Do not take anything but sweet, rare nasty.

One day we went to Mount Corcovado to the statue of Christ the Savior. From the same stop on AV Street. De Copacabana There is a bus number 583 (back 584) directly to the terminal from which a small train goes to the top of the mountain. The road takes about 15-20 minutes, and the train goes every 20-30 minutes depending on the influx of people. For a ticket, we paid 36 reals with a person. On both sides of the railway, an exciting species of the Tijuk forest opens, in which monkeys live. We were fortunate enough to see them 🙂 From the top of the mountain itself, where the statue is located an unforgettable view of the whole city: Niteroi Bridge, Bay Guanabar, Sugar Head, Stadium Maracan, Botanical Garden with Herp Palm, Lake Lagoa and Of course Rio de Janeiro Beaches.

At the local tourist point we bought tickets for PlataForma Show for 165 Reals. This cost includes a transfer (collection of tourists throughout Copacaban and Ipanome), dinner (without drinks) and the show itself. We were brought about 8.30 pm, despite the fact that the show began only at 10. It is worth noting that dinner is scant. The very idea is very interesting: colorful Brazilians in bright carnival costumes, beautiful shows and dancing.

However, to see this mini carnival, it is enough to take a taxi and buy an entrance ticket directly in the building of this club, which will cost you much cheaper.

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