Sightseeing Barcelona: Spanish Village

Spanish village on the Montjica Hill is a unique collection of architectural masterpieces collected from different regions of the country. This artificial mini city is a quintessence of Spanish architecture and culture: to create it, the authors of the project examined about a half thousand cities and villages.

The entire complex of the open-air museum takes more than 40 thousand square meters. Streets and Square of the Spanish village are built up with accurate copies of houses located in different parts of Spain. There are 117 residential buildings, churches and household buildings, as well as 30 existing stores and 18 restaurants.

Sightseeing Barcelona Spanish Village

The village was erected to the opening of the World Exhibition in 1929. Tired of inspection of architectural beauty, tourists can relax in one of the restaurants, trying to dishes Spanish cuisine and beautiful local wines. In the shops of delicacies, you can buy homemade rustic products. You can bring traditional handmade items from here as souvenirs, which are manufactured and sold in the craft area. And after the sunset in the village there are several sites on which various events are held – from discos and concerts to wine tastings.

All houses in the Spanish village in Barcelona have real prototypes
Buildings look as if they are no longer one hundred years

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