Sightseeing Barcelona: Park Guell

Park Gueles was laid at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries, when the rich industrialist decided to build a garden city on the land purchased by him in accordance with the then European fashion. The house of Antonio Gaudi was stood on acquired Euseby Guard, where the architect has lived for almost two decades (today his museum is here).

Gaudi filled the park creations of his own fantasy. To decorate architectural structures, shards, broken plates, pieces of glass – such an unusual mosaic became a symbol of the park and all Barcelona, ​​a lot of souvenirs made in the same style are sold in stores.

The main architectural sights of the park – a terrace with a famous bench, a motley lizard, fabulous houses at the entrance, as well as a column hall on a hillside.

Entrance to Park Guel
In Guela Park, you can admire not only Gaudi masterpieces, but also panoramic views of Barcelona
In Guelle Park, there are always a lot of tourists: you need to be to this ready

Sightseeing Barcelona Park Guell

Working hours: From October 27 to March 23 – 8: 30-18: 00, from March 24 to October 26 – 8: 00-21: 30.

Ticket price: adult – 7 euros, children’s (from 6 to 12 years old) – 4.90 euros, children under 6 years old – free, faces over 65 years old, disabled and accompanying – 4.90 euros.

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