Landmark of Barcelona: Montjuic Hill and Castel de Montjick fortress

With a 170-meter Montjuïc hill (Montjuïc) overlooks Barcelona. This is a popular holiday destination like tourists and citizens: there are excellent viewing platforms, magnificent shady parks, the famous stadium, which in 1992 held a summer Olympiad, light-music fountains, built in 1929 on the occasion of the World Exhibition in Barcelona, as well as the National Museum of Catalan Art.

Montjick Mountain Attractions – Gorgeous Miro Museum, Spanish Village and Castell de Montjuïc fortress (Castell de Montjuïc). This defensive structure was erected on a hill in the middle of the XVII century, during the time of Catalan uprising against the monarchy. In subsequent years, the fortress played an important role in the military history of Catalonia, more than once passed from hand to hand, was restored and completed. Since 1963, it has a museum of military history.

Sightseeing Barcelona Hill Montjuic and Castel de Montjick fortress

View from the TELEFERICO DE PUERTO cable car
View of Columbus Column and Rambla Boulevard
Small cable car – Teleferico de Montju&# 239; C
Vintage guns installed around the fortress walls
The courtyard of the fortress
From the top point of the fortress, the stunning views of Barcelona
View of the Montjuik Fountain and the National Art Museum of Catalonia

How to get there: climbing the hill can be on foot or on the Teleferico de Puerto cable car. To the top of the hill and the castle Castel de Montjik leads another smaller cable car – Teleferico de Montjuïc. The lower station of this cable car is just next to the Montjuïc FUNICULAR cable car stop – this is another way to get to Montuik. The funicular leaves from the Paral·lel metro station and is part of the city transport system, so it does not need to buy a separate ticket.

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