Sightseeing Barcelona: Sagrada Cathedral

TEMPLE EXPIATORI DE LA Sagrada Família) is the most recognizable symbol of Barcelona and at the same time quintessence of Antonio Gaudi creativity and its most ambitious project. The church of the Holy Family was laid in 1882 and continues to win and so. The reason was the fact that the financing of the construction is made due to voluntary donations of the population.

Gaudi took up the project of the temple only a year after the start of construction work and made serious changes to the initial plan. Each facade of the cathedral is designed to symbolize a specific Christian concept: first of all the work was carried out above the Facade of Christmas, then a project of the facade of passions was created, even later – sketches of the future facade of glory. By the time of death, Gaudi in 1926, after 40 years after the start of construction, the last two facades did not even start to build. The only completed architect part of the cathedral was the bell tower of the Holy Varnava 100 meters high on the christmas facade.

Today, work is underway to complete the facade of passions, and the hypothetical term for the construction of the third facade – the thirties of the XXI century. But in its current state, the church of the Holy Family is striking imagination and annually attracts thousands of tourists. Four of his bell tower of a pointed form is replicated on all sorts of souvenirs and are known to the whole world. The internally decoration of the temple is also amazed: many of its elements are created according to Gaudi projects, smooth curves, fragments of ellipses and circles, stars and spirals are widely used in them.

Sightseeing Barcelona Cathedral Sagrada Family

The temple introduced UNESCO to the World Heritage List of Humanity. Since 2010, it is allowed to carry out daily services.

Estimate the greatness of the famous Barcelona cathedral can only be with a height
Sagrada-surname Cathedral is no longer possible to imagine without huge tower cranes
Inside the Cathedral of the Holy Family looks as beautiful and unusual as outside

Sightseeing Barcelona Cathedral Sagrada Family

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