Sightseeing Barcelona: Rambla Boulevard

The most famous boulevard in Barcelona and hardly in all Spain never sleeps, and the tourist industry is flourishing here as anywhere in the city. On the Rambla boulevard, there is always an apple to fall due to street merchants, musicians, mimes and, of course, tourists.

Along the streets there are buildings of the XVI-XVIII centuries, in which there are theaters, cafes, restaurants and hotels. In the weekend, the fairs are held on Ramble, which artisans come from neighboring towns and villages. At night, they open their doors numerous casinos, bars and clubs.

Sightseeing Barcelona Boulevard Rambla

Boulevard is conditionally divided into five parts, each of which has specific attractive objects. Ramble-de-Canaletes, for example, a football club fans are going to "Barcelona", On Rambla Dels Caputxins (Rambla Dels Caputxins) is the Opera House, on the Rambler of the Holy Monica (Rambla de Santa MÒnica) can be released "Gate of the world" With the famous monument of Christopher Columba, on Ramble De Les Flors) is the largest market and mosaic tile with an autograph world, and on Rambla Dels Estudis) for sale.

Tourists on Ramblem is only a little early in the morning and in winter
Ramblela ends in the sea, where a monument is made by Christopher Columbus

Sightseeing Barcelona Boulevard Rambla

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