Plaka – The most ancient area of ​​the city of Athens, which is replete with narrow and winding streets, on which old houses and many restaurants and taverns are located, as well as interesting museums. Claim has long become a purely tourist area.

The oldest street of the District – Adriana. It is noteworthy in that it did not change its direction since the existence of ancient Greece. Of course, at home, located here, were built to a greater extent in the 18th century, but it should be remembered that the foundation of each of them belong to the times of antiquity. Then, in these places, the rich Athenians lived. Today, the majority of citizens living in the vicinity of the cry moved to other areas, and at home were given under museums, souvenir shops

Sightseeing Athens Travel Guide

Tourists, arriving in this part of the city, will be able to see many ancient buildings that differ in neoclassical style. In souvenir shops you can buy souvenirs, and cozy restaurants have a snack during a long walk. An important event will be a visit to the Child Museum, where you can see a children’s room with old attributes, interior elements and furniture. Music lovers interesting will seem visiting the museum of ancient Greek tools, and creative tourists can be viewed into the Museum of Folk Creativity.

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