Sightseeing Verona: Castelvekio Castle

Castelvekkio is a medieval castle in Verona, which was erected during the reign of the scaliger dynasty. Initially, the castle was known as San Martino Al-Ponte. This name is the castle in honor of the Church of St. Martin, next to which he was erected. The castle was obtained only in the XV century. Translated from Italian name means "old lock".

Castelvekkio is built of red brick and is made in a characteristic of the Gothic style. Around the perimeter castle is fenced with a stone fence with teeth and watchdogs. With the Left Bank Verona, it connects the bridge of Scaliger’s bridge over the river, which was built in 1355.

Sightsee of Verona Castle Castelvekkio

In 1923, the Castelvekio City Museum was organized in the castle. It consists of about 30 halls, in which a huge collection of works of sculpture and painting of both Italian and foreign craftsmen is collected. In addition, the museum has a large collection of antique weapons, jewelry, ceramics, miniatures. Also, the exposition includes several vintage bells, which were cast in the XIV-XVI centuries. The museum keeps such well-known works as "Madonna in the Garden of Roses" Stefano da Verona, "Holy Family" Andrea Mantenya, "Madonna with infant" Gentile Bellini, "Madonna with quail" Pisanello and many others.

Work on the reconstruction of the castle began in 1923 and lasted several decades

Sightsee of Verona Castle Castelvekkio

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