Sights Warsaw: National Museum

The National Museum in Warsaw is one of the oldest Museums of Poland. It was opened in 1862 as the Museum of Fine Arts. After receiving Poland independence in 1918, the museum played a big role in the preservation and development of national culture.

In 1938, the construction of a new building in the modernist style was completed. Currently, there are currently more than 830 thousand works of both Polish and foreign artists. The meeting presents sculptures, paintings, photos, coins, as well as objects of decorative and applied art of different eras.

The exposition is divided into several galleries: it is a hall of medieval art, the hall of the Polish and European portrait, the gallery dedicated to the old European craftsmen, the Gallery of the XIX century art, the art gallery of the XX and XXI centuries.

Sights Warsaw National Museum

In 2014, three new permanent exhibitions were opened: a gallery of decorative and applied arts, ancient art gallery, as well as the most valuable – Faras Gallery. About 60 unique ancient paintings saved from the city of Faras are collected here. It was flooded with the waters of Lake Nasser after the construction of the Asuan dam.

The modern museum building was erected in the 1930s
In the art gallery of the XIX century
Fresco IX century from Cathedral in Faras

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