Vatican Attractions: Personal Experience

Modern technologies were useful for us when visiting the Vatican museums. There are several options for entrance tickets: with guide, without a guide, with visits to gardens and. We chose the easiest – Admission Ticket. True, an additional 4 euro is taken for online booking every ticket, but, believe me, when you see the turn to the entrance, you will not regret that they spent them. And pass by with a printout, Sunty her cashier and immediately go to museums – enjoy the amazing collection of art.

At the end of the inspection there is a Lifehak. To go from the Sistine Chapel at once to the St. Peter’s Cathedral (and not outside that to defend a separate queue for the entrance to the cathedral), take advantage of any tourist group and follow along with them to the right out of the chapel (and not to the left)!

Recommendations for the sights of the Vatican

Sights Vatican Personal Experience

In the Vatican it is necessary: ​​to go to the Cathedral of St. Peter, there to stroke the story of the statue of St. Peter for the fulfillment of desires, be sure to see Pieta Mickelejo, see the throne. Peter and Baldakhin, well, and generally awaken from sizes, greatness and beauty. Can be sought to the dome, if the queue is not too long. 300 with excess steps inside the dome – it is impressive. Plus, the Italian teenagers in the holidays are impressive, deliver and scare. For yelling, jump and eat life every way. And the corondegue is narrow. Well, but at the top. No, not like – view. I would still need to take pictures with the Schwathermen from the personal army of the Vatican and send home postcard yourself from the post office, located immediately at the exit.

Vatican do not need: go to Vatican museums. First, the queue of the hour is 2-3. Is always. Secondly, you go tightly clamped from all sides by the crowd, and at the same time consider Rafael stons or stunning murals with cards, being pinned with sweatiest bodies and advanced Europeans with screaming babies – the pleasure of so-so. In the sequence chapel, they will not be allowed to delay, take pictures and talk – too. On the reproductions, believe me, everything is visible much better, and the nerves and time will save.

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