Sights Vanuatu

Vanuatu ("Eternal earth") – one of the most unusual island groups in the Pacific Ocean, which is often called "Untouched Oceania". Pretty young in the tourist plan Country, Vanuatu has already managed to gain a reputation as one of the best resort areas of Melanesia, widely known for its nature, distinctive population, incredible traditions and a luxurious underwater world.

Efate Island – the third largest island of Vanuatu and the most popular tourist area of ​​the country (here is the main airport of Vanuatu and the capital of the country).

Eromanga Island lies in 100 km south efate. Small (975 square. km) Highlated island is considered the best place in the country for trekking and hiking excursions.

South Eromang Tanna Island has an area of ​​535 kV. km and is considered the most mysterious island of the archipelago, the most populated island of Vanuatu, as well as the third in terms of the development of agriculture and industry island of the country.

The most southern of Vanuatu Islands, Anject has the most pleasant climate among all the islands of Vanuatu – here is noticeably land and cooler than, for example, on Efat.

The landscape of the island is a mountainous, the slopes of an ancient volcano are covered with a lush rainforest, under the canopy of several small lakes, as well as a rather diverse animal world.

Malekuz – the second largest island of Vanuatu (area of ​​more than 2000 kV. km) and the most diverse cultural and linguistically – on its territory there are more than thirty original tribes, each with its language and customs.

Penthekost – a picturesque mountainous island stretching from north to south approximately 60 km.

On the slopes of the central ridge of Maevo, up to 4000 mm rain falls per year, so it is not surprising that the whole island is excised by hundreds of rivers and streams, forming a whole network under the canopy of virgin forest.

Sights Vanuatu

Espiritu-Santo Island is the largest of the archipelago islands (4010 kV. km). His relief is quite characteristic of these places – a pretty high mountain range with a high point of the country stretched along the west coast – Sleeping Tabwemace Valkan (1877 m).

Torres group lies in the extreme north of Vanuatu and is an archipelago of six islands, four of which are inhabited.

Volcanic Islands Banks lie 65 km southeast of the Torres Islands, and includes volcanic islands Gaua, Vanua Lava and a number of small coral reefs.

Vanua Lava Island is the largest in the group, and also represents an array of the operating volcano of Serrel (730 m), surrounded by six small cones, numerous fumarols and geysers. South of the volcano lie two small lakes with multi-colored water and the oscillating level of the water mirror. On the west coast there is a beautiful bay of Waterfall-Bay, which is understandable from the name, replete with waterfalls. Also, there are unique sea crocodiles, the small colonies of which can be found in the mouths of the rivers of the Selva and Tahiti.

20 to the northeast of Vanua Lava are beautiful islands of RA and Mota Lava. RA – a small island with a huge stones scattered throughout the territory and a good resort area in the center. Mota Lava is a typical Pacific island with beautiful beaches and coconut groves. Islands are a recognized center of traditional dances, among which are particularly colorful cult "Snake dance", Incoming the rite of abundance on Mota-Lava. Islands also provide the whole country with delicious coconut crab meat.

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