Sights Uruguay

The capital of the country Montevideo is a large banking and financial center, a very diverse city in its appearance – classicism is combined here with widespread baroque, modernism – with old buildings of colonial times. Ultra-modern buildings are surrounded by parks and beautiful bridges connecting the shores of the Great River.

Independence Square with Mausoleum De-Artigo, 26-storey Palacio-Salvo (1927 g., The highest building in South America), Plaza-Constitucion Plaza, Neoclassical Churches Kabildo and Iglesia-Matriz (1799 g.), National Museum of History, Museum of del Gaucho-and de la Mondo, Old Port of Mercado del Puerto, turned into a colorful shopping center, filled with markets, restaurants, art exhibitions and street musicians.

The west of the capital lies the old colonial city of Colonia del Sacramento, attracting attention to its narrow cobbled streets, curly between colonial buildings, as well as its annual agricultural fairs. No less unfulfilled colony-sui, founded in 1862. Swiss settlers, "City statues" Takoaremby and many colorful fishing villages.

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Uruguay. City of Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia del Sacramento is located 177 km from Montevideo on the shore of La Plata Bay. The city is founded by Portuguese in 1680. Old, the historical part of this city is well preserved. Read more →

Capi4ca | May 7, 2014

Uruguay. Montevideo. Sightseeing tour. Embankment

From the city center we are going to the embankment and stop at Plaza de la Armada. This place is located between the airport and the city center. Here come to remove the panorama of the coast of the city read more →

Capi4ca | May 6, 2014

Sights Uruguay

Uruguay. Montevideo. Sightseeing tour. Independence Square and Constitution Square

On the one hand, Salvo Palace (Palacio Salvo) in 26 floors, built in 1925, as a hotel. But now there are apartments, offices. On this building it is convenient to navigate in the city. Read more →

Capi4ca | May 6, 2014

Uruguay. Montevideo. Sightseeing tour. Prado district

We arrived in the Prado area. Once it was one of the richest regions of Montevideo, now there are other more prestigious areas. This mansion belonged to different organizations. Read more →

Capi4ca | May 6, 2014

Montevideo – Graffiti City

Montevideo (the capital of Uruguay) is impossible to imagine without graffiti. Who would have thought that here it is so much. Only notice something one thing, immediately you can manit a new drawing. Read more →

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