Sights Uganda: Personal Experience

Attraction in Uganda: $ 500 for the Society of Gorilla

It was only necessary to pay in advance Permit on Gorilla Tracking. Those who know what it is – those know, and those who do not know, I think they will not and read about Uganda.

But, just in case in a nutshell: Gorilla Tracking is the main attraction of travel to Uganda. There are only 720 mountain gorillas in the world, or one about every 9 million people.

So for the opportunity to spend in the society Gorilla 1 hour the Government of Uganda asks no many 500 $. And permit – Permit, must be ordered in advance. We honestly warned that it would be necessary to look for them on the jungle, it may be that a few hours, maybe in the rain. 100% guarantees to find no – in which case half money will be returned. If, for example, sick (runny nose, cough, not to mention the other) can prevent the track.

Sights Uganda Personal Experience

In addition, I knew that groups are usually from 6-8 people and are accompanied by Rangers with automata – just in case.

True where these Rangers in the case of this case will shoot – this is a question. It is clear that not in the gorillas. In short, about a week before departure, I paid 1000 dollars by bank transfer for two permita (since children under 15 years old to the track to the gorillas are not allowed)

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