Sights Suriname: Personal Experience

I stuck fishermen who went to Paramaribo to sell fish. They brought me to her house, which was eight kilometers from the capital, fed and gave some money. I, in turn, helped them clean the fish.

Then they showed me Ashram Iskon Hare Krishna, in which I lived two days. I was given a big separate room and fed three times a day. Here the Slavs are equipped by the Slavin named Zorin, who showed me the most beautiful Temple Hindu on the banks of the Caribbean Sea. Gangamander tomorrow i want to move there. Suriname, probably, in its aole, the best country has recently.

Second day in this fabulous world Ganges Mandir. Among the statues of the Indian gods, I put my little tent and read mantras. There are rainwater, I am preparing here on a fire I’m going under a canopy.

Hello from India on the map of Suriname I was discovered by Brancberg, the National Park, where I arrived. Many huge butterflies, birds here, and deer (these are small, size with a deer dog) just do not give a pass. Many waterfalls, low, but lovely. Trails are all marked, so it is impossible to get lost. At the reception give a map of the trail, but asking for the entrance five dollars or 23 SRD. I, as usual, passed free.

Beautiful panorama of Blomentein Lake and adjacent jungle opens from the top. They are offered to pay money for camping, so I went to one of the waterfalls and put the tent there, caught a couple of fish, boiled my ear and snarled. Overnight

Park is about two hundred kilometers from Paramaribo. Stop did not mind labor, although the last 13 kilometers of the dirt road cars are few and may have to walk on foot. But I was lucky, I got in a jeep with the Poles.

Sights Suriname Personal Experience

Capital of Suriname Paramaribo .ON is not big, and inspecting his sights enough two hours. This is Fort Zealand, Church, Mosque, Synagogue. And here the synagogue and mosque are built nearby, thereby they try to reconcile these two warring religions. Today I am going to the border, the city of Albin, from the capital to him about a hundred and fifty paramarbo kilometers.

Prices in Suriname are the cheapest in the district, I mean, cheaper than in Guyana, Brazil, Venezuela, and even more so French Guyana. 90 gram Cookies – 30 cents.

Oh, I apologize, the hummingbird flew to me 30 centimeters, looked into the package with the products and flew away.

Sights Suriname Personal Experience

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