Sights Slovenia: Personal Experience

We rested in Portoroz, hotel "Husterion". Traveled independently by renovating the car and buying a guide to Slovenia at home. We must pay tribute that this guide to us very, very much, for it was very detailed. The main roads in the country are only two, on the road there are signs, and the pointers to different attractions hung separately and seeing it on the track, it was always possible to minimize and easily reach this place.

The only problem with our guides – there are no them there. English, German, Italian is not a problem. So either learn the language or use the same guidebook.

Sights Slovenia Personal Experience

I really liked the caves of Shkotyani Post Bynoyna Yama. If the first is more promoted, then the last less visited, but more pristine. In it I felt not different as Indiana Jones. Most importantly – when visiting the caves, take warm clothes, t.To. really cool, even hands murzley.

And the phrase that Slovenia is a green treasury of Europe, fully meets seen. And these houses are local residents – it seemed that they live in them, but hobbits, and we got into some fairy tale. In general, in my soul only one is the most pleasant memories. No rest we spent so harmoniously and interestingly as there (although in previous years were in Spain and Italy). Pleasant rest to everyone who will visit this country.

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