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Singapore – one of the most unusual cities of Asia. The largest shopping center of the region and one of the main ports of Asia, it has attracted the attention of millions of guests from all over the world. Old colonial quarters and ultra-modern skyscrapers, temples and green parks, lively shopping streets and one of the largest seaports of the world – all this is concentrated here on a relatively small territory, forming a unique aura of this city-state. The main tourist attractions of Singapore are relatively evenly distributed in three main districts – CBD (Central Business District) or Raffles-Kwai, Sentosa Island (Blacaging Maty) and Gurong.

Colonial Center

The central part of Singapore is formed by business areas of south of the river and the administrative center of the city, its old colonial part, located several north. It is said that the spirit of the founder of the city is preserved here – Sir Stamford Raffleza, who has planned and built this part in almost entirely.

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Local attractions include an impressive depress-billing building (1865 g.) in Victorian style (now there are a museum, art galleries and a chic restaurant), a concert hall and the Victoria Theater, Parliament Buildings (XIX in.), Supreme Court, Municipality and Cricket Club, Padang Complex, which has been in the saying with its luxurious decoration hotel "Raffles", The Anglican Cathedral of St. Andrew and the Catholic Cathedral of Gud-Shepherd, the Armenian Church of St. Gregor-Saint (the oldest church of Singapore) and the Christian cemetery on the Hill Fort Canning Hill. It is worth viewing one of the most beautiful buildings of the colonial era – Institute of Saint-Joseph, Singapore Museum of Arts on Bras-Basa Road, National Museum at Stamford Road, Statue of Sir Stamford Raffles, Beautiful Supreh-Court Buildings and City Hall, Numerous Skyscrapers Like Singapore-Land Tower or Art Deco Caldex House, Bridgein Bridges Schwartz, Alghin Bridge and North Bridge, Merlion Park, Blok Ayer Market (Lau-PA), scenic "Boat areas" Clark-Kwai and Bat-Kwai, turned into fashionable entertainment and shopping centers, as well as the famous Skyscraper Street of Orched Road with her palaces "Penanan" and "Istana" or Chinch Khindu temple.

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Orched Road is a district of concentration of first-class hotels, shopping centers, nightclubs, restaurants, bars and concert halls, a real showboard for demonstrating the wealth and success of the local elite. In the western end of the Orched Road lies the Singapore Botanical Garden, founded in 1859. The country’s oldest park retained the last sections of the pristine wet forest, which once occupied the whole island. Good rosary, numerous samples of garden and park art, fern greenhouse, palm valley and small, but very picturesque lakes. One of the Pearls of the Botanical Garden is the Orchid National Park "Mandai", More than 60 thousand of these beautiful plants on its territory (local craftsmen are even made from jewel orchids, covering alive flowers with a thin layer of gold).

Ethnic quarters

The Chinese quarter, lying west of CBD, is the cultural heart of Singapore and is still proud of its old architecture, numerous temples, decorative terraces and colossal accumulation of markets and shops. Unfortunately, much of Chinatown was almost destroyed in the middle of the XX century and extensively restored. It is interesting to the old stores of the Tanjong Pagar quarter, Temple Tian-Keng (Tian-Hawk-Keng, 1840 g., One of the most interesting Chinese temples of Singapore), temples of Vak-High-Cheng-Bio, Nagora Durga-Shrin, Kong-Men-San, Song-Lim, etc., And also one of the most beautiful mosques of the city – Al-Abrar and the oldest Hindu temple of the city – Sri Mariamman (1827 g.).

Sights Singapore

"Arab street" Kampong-glam – Muslim Center Singapore, lying northeast of the colonial city center. This is a noisy shopping area and traditional "Textile District", famous for batik, silk, carpets, sarong production and other light clothes. Here are the main city mosque – Masdzhid-Sultan (1925 g.) with a golden dome, the old Market of Serai, the Palace of Istana-Kampong-glam (now there works by the Malay Museum), tiny mosque Jamaat, colorful "Indian mosque", Unusual Hadja Fatima Mosque with "Falling Minaret", Golden Mile complex and "Thai village".

District "Little India" Lies north of the colonial center. This is a fairly modest but colorful area of ​​shops, spicy aromas, bright saris, bustling markets, great restaurants and Hindi language – now relieved pretentious modern business districts of the city. The main attractions of the district – Zhedziao Center (Text, "Main market") and numerous colorful spice shops nearby, Arcade Little India, fifteen meter statue of the Sitting Buddha, Temple of Viramakaliamman, Sri Sri Srinivas-Perummal Temple and Charming "Temple 1000 fires" On the flight course-roud.

Singapore parks

The city has a huge number of parks that are performed here not only the role of green plantings, but also contain many cultural and entertainment or sports facilities on its territory. The most interesting is the green zones of the Blanca-Blang Hill, Tiong-Baru, Pirlz-Hill City, the mornings and Mount Faber in the southern part of the city, Crawford in the north, East Coast and Marina City in the East, as well as small parks in historical Parts of the city – Espplereid, Military Memorial Park, Fort Canning, Famous Japanese and Chinese Gardens, Cultural and Historical Park "City of Dynasty Tan" (reconstruction of the ancient Chinese capital Chayani) and other.

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Singapore Zoo – a fairly famous part of the tourist appearance of the city. Its characteristic feature is the complete absence of any lattices and fences around animal habitats, and there are more than 2000 species. Planned with great art, the zoo simply derails the viewer from the animal by natural obstacles that are completely unstable and providing its inhabitants free existence. Also, a night safari is organized here, held by the most interesting cat in the park and the forest adjacent to it.


District Gurong, lying southwest of the city center, is actually more like an independent city. The ultra-modern port, a huge industrial center and one of the largest oil refineries of the world, he is a real locomotive of the Singapore economy, while remaining a surprisingly pure area, where only the round-the-clock port of the port is reminded about its colossal industrial potential, and something visible factory pipes are reminded. Therefore, such well-known sights such as Villa Au-Par with a Chinese park, the largest bird park with a huge variety of feathered (more than 600 species, up to penguins), Park Reptile Park (about 2.5 thousand. various reptiles), as well as a center for research and scientific technologies "Discovery".

The city has a fleet museum, the Museum of Pisces, the Air Force Museum, the World War II Memorial (including part of the Japanese concentration camp), the Museum of Asian Civilizations, Malaya Culture Museum in Geylange and many small private collections. Well, of course, around the city you can meet the statues of mythical lion fish "Merlion" – Symbol Island.

In the northeastern part of the island is built new "Exemplary city of XXI century". Spacious beaches, parks, sports and public clubs, shopping centers and supermarkets, markets, shops, restaurants, cinemas and other entertainment will be combined here.


Sentos Island – Small (3 sq. KM.) Resort island, located south of the main island. A recognized center of recreation and entertainment, Sentosa has a huge selection of parks, attractions, sports fields and other entertainment for all ages. Here are Fort Siloso, Amusement Park "Volcanoland", Famous Music Fountains, Museum of the Founders of Singapore, Museum of Rare Stones, Maritime Museum, Park of Butterflies and Insects (more than 5,5 thousand species), Flower terrace and Spice Garden, Wax Museum, Oceanarium "Andervater Warld" With transparent underwater tunnel 100 meters long and lagoon dolphins "Dolfin-Lagun", Cinema virtual reality "Sinemia", Ultra-modern entertainment complex "IMEJIS OF SINGAPORE EXIBISHN", cultural and historical park "Tang Dynasty Village", The Terracotta Warriors Museum, the highest Sky-Tower Observation Tower in Singapore, numerous gardens with fountains, as well as more than 3 kilometers of beaches with snow-white sand (he is regularly taken off from Ocean Islands).

All road traffic on Centos is prohibited, only special tourist buses run here, but more than 50 kilometers of pedestrian and cycling paths are laid here.


The island is killed, lying around the northeastern coast of the main island, is a real oasis of silence after constantly raging Singapore or Centos. Here, among the fishing villages of Kelong and framed by the palm trees, only a few tiny temples lies. The main attractions of the island are a variety of colorful restaurants with sea cuisine, as well as marine plantations and original animal world.

Southern Islands

Although many of the southern islands are used as industrial bases, some of them are of some interest. Islands Sister Islands are good for swimming and possess real coral reefs, which makes them attractive to diving. Lazarus Islands (Sakijang Pelp), Buran-Darat, Terumuba Ratthan-Laut and Pulau Ranggit are widely known as centers of active and "wild" recreation. Also here are good conditions for yachting and windsurfing, especially during the monsoon period.

Sights Singapore

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