Sights Shanghai – Interesting Places of Tourists

Shanghai is a huge megapolis where skyscrapers are located next to Buddhist temples. This is attractive for tourists – there are many interesting places, which will be interested in lovers of historical attractions and ancient art, fans of shopping and fans of acute sensations. We will talk about all the most interesting sights of Shanghai in this article.

Two areas – Pusi and Pudun

Most of the city are residential areas where the tourist is difficult to find something interesting. Of course, if you want to see the life of the Chinese – the shops in which they go every day, or cafe, where they eat, then we recommend riding the outskirts. Real China in the center of Shanghai will not see.

All tourist sites are concentrated in the city center around the Huangpu River. Everything that is called Pudong on the eastern shore, and all that in Western – Pusi. Pusi is the historic center of the city, which will be interested in lovers of culture and history. Pudun is a completely new area where skyscrapers and shopping centers are located.

Pushi Area – Old Town

A place where every tourist happens is the embankment of Vaitan. From here a wonderful view of the Huangpu River and Pudong Skyscrapers. We recommend visiting this place in the evening when the illumination of the skyscrapers is turned on – this is a fascinating spectacle.

Nankinskaya Street begins from Vaitan Embankment – Main Trading Street of the City. There is always noisy, many people, and shops from both sides sparkle with lights, attracting buyers. Some lovers of shopping Nanjing Street like, and some no. In the second case, we recommend shopping centers in Pudong district.

Nanjing Street passes from Vaitan’s embankment to People’s Square (or "Square of the people") where parks are equipped, there is a large Shanghai Theater and the Shanghai Museum of Ancient Art. His we recommend visit and look at the unique collection of vintage items of China. In addition, his visit is free. Large collection of photos of exhibits you can see in our article, link above in this paragraph.

Not far from the square there are two more attractions that should be told.

The most famous place that almost all heard is the temple of the jade Buddha. Here you can see the relic – a statue of jade weighing three tons depicting Buddha Shakyamuni during meditation and the second little statue of the underlying Buddha. Both of them were brought from Burma, and now this monastery is the center of Shanghai Buddhism and the surrounding area.

The second important landmark of the Pushi district is a garden of joy (or the garden Yuyuan), which is not entirely correct to call the garden. This is the estate of a rich official of the Ming dynasty, which is perfectly preserved, and now we can look at how they lived in China at that time. In Yuyuan, a lot of antiques have been preserved, which will be interested in tourists.

Pudong district

Back in the 80s, rice fields and fishing villages were on the eastern shores of the Huangpu River. In 1993, the Chinese government set a special economic zone in the area, and since then the skyscrapers of Pudong grow here.

Tourists are most interested in viewing platforms and lower rooms of famous buildings. About each of them we will tell separately.

The first tower in the area was the Eastern Pearl – Telebashnya, stylized spacecraft. Her discovery took place in the distant 1994 year. Her observation deck and now did not lose the status of the most popular in Pudong district, as tourists like transparent floors, giving the feeling that right now you will fall down. Unfortunately, more there is nothing more.

The next time the construction was the skyscraper Jin Mao, who could be more interesting to travelers. There is not only an observation deck, but also shops and cafes on the lower floors of the building. The skyscraper is designed in the style of traditional Chinese pagoda, it is worth seeing at least for the sake of aesthetic pleasure.

Sights Shanghai - Interesting Places of Tourists

The third high-rise building in Pudong district is the building of the Shanghai International Financial Center. Especially interesting roof of this building with a special "window", which serves as a reduction in wind resistance. For this feature, it is called "opening". There is the most expensive for visitors and the highest on the planet the observation deck, which offers a stunning panoramic view of Shanghai.

And the last building is not yet open for visitors at the time of writing this article – this is the Shanghai Tower. Even now this is the second building in the highest on earth list. When it opens, tourists will have the opportunity to look at Shanghai from a height of almost 600 meters, we are looking forward to.

And, of course, shopping centers of the Pudong district will be interested in fans of inexpensive, but branded shopping. In each of the skyscrapers there is a shopping center, except for television of the pearl of the East. Also large trading center – Super Brand Mall is located nearby – this is one of the largest shopping and entertainment centers in the world.

Other Places of Interest Tourists in Shanghai

Shanghai Venice – so called the city of Zhujiajian. He really looks like Italian Venice. There are no central streets, but only channels for which it is interesting to swim by boat. Unfortunately, there is no something extraordinary here, and this place does not use attractive demand.

For tourists it will be an interesting boat walk along the Huang Pea River, which will leave a lot of pleasant impressions.

Next to the Tower Eastern Pearl is another pride of the city – Shanghai Oceanarium. He is famous for the whole world with its tunnel of a record length of 150 meters. This Oceanarium deserved is considered the best in China.

Lovers of shopping will be interested in the Signatydi district. There are hundreds of stores with souvenirs, books and everything that can be sold in retail outlets. If you decide to be purchased with gifts and souvenirs from China, then you here. This area is large enough, and it is worth planning at least half the day to visit.

Have a successful visit to Shanghai, and read other articles about China on our website (Links below).

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