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Seychelles are considered to be "earthly paradise", preserved the flora and fauna of the archipelago in the original form, as well as their endless sandy beaches, which are considered one of the best in the world. On the islands there are many endemic (growing in vivo only in this zone) of plants and animals. The beauty of these small islands is extraordinary, even the most living imagination often cannot imagine all the charm of this exotic place. The transparent ocean waters and the purest sand with a pinkish tint, a unique living world, both on the islands themselves and in their waters them, the smooth climate and beauty of the underwater world attract thousands of tourists. Almost every island of Seychelles is unique both in nature and on recreational possibilities!

Mae – the largest island (150 kV. KM.), economic and political center of the country. 90% of the population live here and the most modern May International Airport is located.

Victoria – One of the smallest capitals of the world, the only major port of the Seychelles and the only real city in the country – any other settlement of the archipelago, no matter how it is called, essentially the village. The capital of the island and the whole archipelago attracts tourists with its numerous Creole restaurants, souvenir shops and shops, traditional houses with marquises and openwork balconies, art galleries, colorful fruit and vegetable markets. The city is drown in the green of coconut palm trees (although recently growing and modern, almost deprived of greenery, quarters), it is surrounded by cinnamon plantations, and from the tops of the nearby hills, CRV-Ker, Nole and Mountains "Three brothers" (699 M.) Opens a fantastic view of other islands of the archipelago.

Home Victoria Street is called Marquet Street. On it, in addition to numerous shops, souvenir shops and markets there is a famous immaculate conception cathedral (beginning of XX in.), towering in the middle of the central square, the famous hour tower (1903 g.) – miniature copy "Tower watch" London Voxholl Bridge, Museum of Natural History, the largest Seychelles supermarket (the size of no more average store somewhere in Europe), Museum of the United Party of the Seychelles People (SPUP), a tiny historical museum, the richest Botanical Garden of Mon-Flery (1901 g. ) and orchid garden, as well as two traffic lights – the only one (!!) on the whole archipelago.

One of the main attractions of the city is the market for which the gifts of the Earth and the Sea from all over the country. Also interesting glass building of the Seychelles, "Grand Construction" National Library and Parliament, welded from iron scrap Statue "Free man", A small Anglican Church, White-Blue Hindu Temple ("Gopuram") and built by residents of the Comoros Modest Mosque, International Conference Center (1994.) – the only hall of this scale in the island states of the Indian Ocean. All major hotels have night discos, and in the hotel "Barbaronz Beach" Placed casino.

Not far from Victoria are the village of Craft Village artisans, where artisans exhibit their work, nearby the magnificent Creole Institute building (closed for visitors), "Tea Tavern" On the slopes of the foreguin of Morne Blanov (halfway from Victoria in Port GLDD), Garden Le-Zhardin-du-Rua in the Royal Bay, the workshop of the famous artist Michael Adams in the lush thickets of the Anse Aux Poules Bleues coves ("Bay of blue hens"), as well as the magnificent National Marine Park of St. Anne between the Islands of Mahe, Deer, Long, Middle and Round.

Island Silhouette, lying directly opposite Beach Bo-Wall, is considered "owner" The most beautiful equatorial forest in the entire Indian Ocean. The island itself is messenger, but all conditions have been created for tourists (the silhouette is an experimental platform "Islands Development Companies"), and local lodge, though it is small, but perfectly equipped with.

Mahe has sixty-eight beaches! The coastline is raised by a set of bays – from the smallest porridge, coral, caran-beach, sunny, major, ans-nord-east and rice, to larger – Bo-Wallon, Anse Royal, Ans-A-La Mosh, Grand -Ans, Ans-Intendants (famous for the most beautiful beach on the island), Ans-Takamaka, as well as completely deserted beaches of Ans-suyak bay. The beaches of Ans-a-La Mosh and Anse-Forban are distinguished by their calm waters and silence, and Bo-Wall, stretching from Fisherman Cove to Waka-Williage, is the most famous and "civilized" Island Beach is a wide three-kilometer strip of fine sand, equipped according to the most modern standards. On Bo-Walloon, you can use any of the main water types of entertainment – there are 3 dive center, excellent places for windsurfing, water ski, snorkeling, and so on. Clean water and bottom provide perfect conditions for swimming.

For surf lovers, Grand Anse beach, which is famous for regular waves of almost two-meter height and up to three kilometers long. Most of the stained beaches are deserted or almost deserted, so finding a place for a secluded rest is not a problem. And moving from the beach to the beach you can easily "on their two" – There are many beautiful on the shores, and that is important – enough room pedestrian tracks. From this point of view, the area of ​​the forest area in San Sust and the tops "Three brothers" (699 m), asphalted road Gogh between the Ans-Ether Bay and heights, the Rivière Grand Bassin district and Varigo with a small waterfall, as well as trails from Bel-Ombre to Bay Major.

Praslin (Praslin) is the second largest island of the archipelago, it is often called "Paradise garden" – Here are such wonderful places as the unique National Park Vale de Ma ("May Valley", Included in the UNESCO World Heritage List), where more than 7 thousand palm trees grow "Coco de Mer" And there is such a rare bird like a black parrot, as well as beautiful landscapes of Côte d’Or, Volber, Consolason, Saint Anna Bay, Cape of St. Mary, Lazio Bay, La Bowls, PF-Lance Cerlan and others. There are also a factory for the production of copper and plantation Vanilla, as well as the beautiful beaches of Grand Anse, we will, Georgette, Ari-Mato, Ari-Peti Courts and others.

On the island there are 8 dive and 4 fishing center, luxury hotels and sophisticated restaurants, but just two steps from them you can see a mountain stream, covered with a green canopy of palm trees and bread trees, and walks through this small island give a lot of pleasure to many tourists.

Not far is the Island Reserve Arid – The second in the value of the Natural Reserve of the Archipelago. There are more seabirds living here than all other islands combined. It is also considered the most densely populated lizards of the planet (at the same time all the reptiles are safe) and the only place on the planet, where the magnificent Gardenia Wright and the famous lemon tree grow, whose white flowers are exuded, resembling the smell of mimosa.

Island Cousin (Kuzin) is under the protection of the International Bird Protection Committee – here, right on the paths, unique species of birds will remove chicks, and on the beach is the rarest sea turtles lay eggs. Island Berd (Il-O-of-one, private ownership) – the refuge of about 1.5 million black crashes living here from May to November. Local celebrity lives here – Giant Turtle Esmeralda.

Deni, the northernmost island of the archipelago, often called "Empire Coconut Palm" – This is one of the most popular holiday destinations on Seychelles. The island is known for its fishing (5 world tuna reactions are established in its surroundings!) and developed related service with the most modern equipment.

Sights Seychelles

Island La Dig It is considered the most cozy corner of Seychelle, life here did not change in the last 200 years – a completely clean seabed, transparent water, brown vegetation. Sole transport here – Waves Strip. The best place for the archipelago for "landscape" Photographing is considered "business card" – The bay of Surs-d’Arzhan and Cape Trysi, and the bays of PF-Ari, Grand Anse, Ans Coco, Reunion, North, Chambers, Gulelett, Gros Roche, Banana and Furmi give a great opportunity for both a relaxing holiday and for Contemplation of majestic rock landscapes.

V La Pass, The capital of the island, a large number of old Creole wooden houses is concentrated, as well as the only one (but fairly modern) is a major hotel of the island – "La Dig Lodge", lined with local flavor and even possessing his own dive center. And 4 km. To the north of La Diga lies the island Felicitis ("bliss"), famous for its luxurious vegetation.

Aldab – The world’s largest coral atoll – his inner lagoon occupies almost 200 kV. KM. and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Narrow straits divide the atoll into four segments, providing a regular tributary of pure ocean water. The bottom of the lagoon is almost completely exposed during the sings, opening the thickets of corals and the life of marine inhabitants. Aldabe remains one of the few places in the world where you can see the colonies of giant land turtles (more than 152 thousand individuals), as well as many mosprk birds. But a tourist gets here very difficult – the island is managed by the Seychelles Foundation and is considered a scientific station.

Many small islands of the archipelago are no less attractive for visiting, and therefore long and firmly challenged by tourists. Island Co -ient won fame due to the cultivation of shrimp. Derosh – The main in the group of the Amiana Islands, is famous for the center of underwater sports Hotels "Deros Island Lodge", considered the best dive center of the Indian Ocean, while local underwater "walls" and coral "Gardens" indescribably beautiful. D’Arros It has a magnificent lagoon and large bridges of coconut palm trees surrounded by magnificent coral sand.

Archipelago Ferkar It is a group of small islands, stretching 15 kilometers long with a width of less than a kilometer, forming an area of ​​720 hectares. Here are engaged in the production of copers and fishing, but most tourists come here for the sake of diving and fishing in the waters of 30-kilometer bolds Providence.

Island Maien It belongs to a private person, but fully equipped for receiving guests, as many attracts to this tiny land sushi not only the opportunity in silence and loneliness to soak on the beach, but also hope to find the pirated treasures allegedly left on this island – all the opportunities are provided for this.

Island Frigate – The most eastern island of Seychelles archipelago. This is an ancient shelter of pirates, these days that are a paradise for "Tolstoy wallets" (Here is one of the best fashionable living centers in the country), old fruit trees, birds and turtles.

Sights Seychelles

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