Sights Pattaya: what to see

Along with Phuket, Pattaya is one of the most visited and luxurious resorts of Thailand. But acquiring a tourist package with the famous "All Inclusive", some and do not suspect that Attractions Pattaya – These are not only countless beaches, the wonderful Siamese Bay, hotels in the city and winding atmospheric markets, but also a few dozen years of an interesting story.

Today in Pattaya you can find many attractions and entertainment:

  • viewing platforms;
  • Walking streets that are not inferior to Alley of Fame and Arbat;
  • Temples and temple complexes similar to which is not in the world;
  • palace-park complexes, parks and gardens;
  • Museums and other places of entertainment;
  • Legendary beaches.

Viewing platforms and places

All Attractions on the map

Inscription Pattaya

Not only at Hollywood has its own legendary inscription on the hill – on the hill Patamanak in Pattaya there is a similar installation, and very impressive in size. You can take a picture of the inscriptions completely free, and the view from the hill opens a wonderful: you can consider the Siamese bay, sea piers with boats fishermen and the city panorama. This inscription can be viewed for free and independently.


This is a giant sculpture of as much as 15 meters in height, and in width – 10. Thanks to the impressive sizes and the fact that the Buddha is on top of the hill, it can be seen almost from anywhere in the city.

You can climb it yourself and completely free, not counting 20 baht (0.64 USD) Voluntary donations to Thai monks (for this they will tell you on the wrist thin ribbon, and according to the legend, when the tape herself will unleash – the desire comes will be celebrated).

Volkin Street

One of the most famous streets of the city. The day is not so interesting here, as the road is open to the movement of transport, but in the evening it is blocked, and the street becomes exclusively pedestrian.

Here – the whole atmosphere of hot, spicy, exotic Pattaya, restaurants with kitchens of the world, theaters and cinemas, shops for every taste, massage salons and the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčother entertainment. Every night, tourists leave there thousands and thousands of baht.

Beach Road

The second in the fame of the street of the resort city, but in no case come here in the evening with children! Beach Road is home priests of love, show transvestites, Erotic massage salons and other spicy entertainment places. If you want sharp sensations – Welcome to Beach Road!

Temple of Truth

Truly an impressive architectural structure, the largest wooden temple around the world. His building began almost forty years ago by the forces of the Metsenite, and the work still continues. Round out, the temple will be finished only by 2025.

But he and such, unfinished, is very good: the religious greatness and unusual forms of contemporary art are intertwined in it, several religious denominations found their shelter, and the internal space is divided into four sectors.

You can visit the temple and as part of a tourist excursion, and independently, the cost is 500 baht (16.00 USD) With man. Especially here you will like those who appreciate the unusual and original architecture.

Temple Complex Wat Yang

Wat Yang, of course, one of the most protected Pattaya sites, it is at a special supervision of the royal family, as it was created to express respect and love for the Chakry dynasty.

The complex is huge: there are several dozen different structures, and sometimes they are very different in style and design: felt trends and thailand itself, and India, and China, and Cambodia, and even Sri Lanka.

Buddha Mountain

Mountain is about 20 kilometers from Pattaya, but there is a public transport here, and this is the only thing to which tourists will have to be spent, because the entrance tickets themselves on the approaches to the famous grief are free!

Buddha is carved on a sheer cliff with clean gold – and this is completely unique, the only one of its kind installation. Local, of course, in the head will not come to try the holy, because this is the image of their main and infinitely revered God, but tourists sometimes try to draw a piece of gold from the relief image, so the guard and the police are always on duty near the Buddha.


Nong Nuc

This wonderful botanical garden every year attracts thousands of tourists, and not surprisingly: a huge territory, tropical plants, beautiful design, intelligent guides – here you can not only admire the unusual instances of the flora, but also get a lot of interesting knowledge.

It’s quite difficult to move here, you can dwell, although a detailed map of the park is offered, or you can download it on the Internet. But it is still better with an organized excursion on an electric car, especially since the prices here are small – about 100 baht (3.twenty USD) With man, &# 8211; and the format itself is suitable for the whole family, both children, and adults.

Sights Pattaya What is worth seeing

Mini Siam

Parks miniature is always exciting. In Pattaya, too, there is such a park: here you can find reduced copies of hundreds of attractions from all over the world, including from Russia (Cathedral of Basil Blessed, for example).

The delight will be not only children (for them, tickets are 150 baht (4.80 USD)), but also adults (300 baht (9.60 USD))!

Zoo Khao-Choo

One of the favorite tourist places of Pattaya – the Zoo "Khao-Kheo". It is located 45 kilometers from the city, but he is worth getting here the whole family! A remarkable feature of the "Khao Kheo" lies in the fact that there is no cell: All enclosures are equipped so that the set of the lattice is not necessary, such as predators of spectators separate ditches and some animals and does freely roam the area, so that they can be photographed up close and talk.

There have lions and tigers, elephants and giraffes, camels and hippos, monkeys and crocodiles. Separate pavilions are cage and aviary for penguins. Getting around on foot, especially with young children, there napryazhno, so you can rent an electric or&# 8230; elephant. Yes, you heard right! Zoo you can get around, sitting on an elephant.

In the evening, then spend safari. Tickets are not very expensive – 400 baht (12.80 USD), And if you’re a part of the tour – or even 300 (9.60 USD).

Underwater World Pattaya

Here are a few subject areas, there is a huge giant pool, the inhabitants of which can be touched, and ponds with fish that grab the food right out of human hands, and open-air cages with otters and a huge tunnel, which can be at arm’s length consideration sharks, rays and other large marine life. In addition, the aquarium offers some particularly interesting services: a dive into the aquarium for sharks, for example, as well as various shows.

Here you can go with your family, for the children, it will be particularly interesting and informative. Children’s tickets cost 300 baht (9.60 USD), Adults – 500 (16.00 USD). You can study the marine life on their own, but you can join more tours in any language. Such excursions offer most hotels.

Farm Chicken King

First you need to identify who it is – Chicken King? This nickname is Panya Choititavan known Thai businessman. His company is engaged in breeding and sale of chicken and Pattaya a true monopoly. Panya respected and very rich, and therefore got an unusual nickname.

But his farm is not at all enclosures with chics, it is a real tourist paradise: a huge palace and park complex with fountains, exotic trees and free-enveloping peacocks. Independent visit to the territory costs 1000 baht (32.01 USD), and in the composition of the excursion – from 1150 (36.81 USD) up to 1700 baht (54.41 USD).

Please note: the territory of the palace and adjacent parks is quite large, so on a tour and the road there will take a lot of time, it is better to immediately allocate a whole day to visit the farm and do not plan other excursions and entertainment.

Museum of 3d paintings (Art Paradise Pattaya)

The world has a huge amount of 3D exposures and museums of illusions, but Pattaya Art Paradise is definitely one of the biggest, bright and interesting. Love to make creative photos and then count likes in Instagram? That way!

The cost of adult tickets – 400 baht (12.80 USD), children’s – 200 baht (6.40 USD), but it should be borne in mind that in the high season, the rates can increase slightly. By the way, the exhibits are divided into several thematic areas: there are animals, dinosaurs, and classical painting, and folklore motifs, and much more.

Beaches Pattaya

Ko Lan

Many tourists complain that the water of the Siamese Gulf is a turbid, there is a lot of garbage in it, the same thing is told about the beach sand. But Ko Lan is the very paradise island, where the most pure in Pattaya water and sand.

You can get here on a ferry or boat, and on the island itself, not only bathing and lying on the sand, but also active sports: water skiing, snorkeling, diving, parachute and paragliding.


One of the most famous beaches of Pattaya and at the same time one of the cleanest. On Jomtien in general, solid advantages:

  • There are no active traffic on the road along the sea coast, so it’s safe to relax with children;
  • The sea is quite transparent, the sand is clean, and the garbage is made by the waves very rarely, only during periods of strong tides or storms;
  • Excellent, well-developed infrastructure;
  • scenic views;
  • Many cafes, shops, massage salons.

Military Beach

He has other names: Militari Beach, Blue Lagoon, Sai Keo. Be sure: it’s about the same place! The military beach is located on the territory of the former military base, but the entrance is open here for everyone. The only thing – will have to pay 100 baht (3.twenty USD).

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