Sights Zimbabwe: Personal Experience

Jumping from the Bridge on Waterfall Victoria: Not for Lact

In the middle of the bridge, the site is mounted in size two to four meters, a small step of 30 cm of an indent with which jumps. The ropes are stretched across the gorge, the cable is hanging down under the bridge, with which Bungee jumps – this is when they tie their feet and cigat down their heads. Many guys in uniform office is engaged in fastening belts and equipment. Below, under the web bridge, a group of guys is engaged in equipment for lifting, insurance and other things. Cable for bungee new nor wiping, nothing. Everything is debugged, guys clearly know their business and completely inspire calm and confidence. One of our couple (husband and wife) went buy tickets. While they went, one of the instructors did a test jump – every day before starting jumps check, whether everything is fine. In principle, it convinces – for itself, they will do everything as it should.

Sights of Zimbabwe Personal Experience

First jumped swing our girl. This is when you are tied to the rope for the stomach, the fastening of the second end of the rope ahead over the precipice. You jump down the legs of the soldier, 5 seconds of free fall, then you start swing in a sitting position above the precipice. It looks cool and not all scary. It’s if you don’t watch. Solved, I go for a ticket. "Where are you going? I’ll go with you", says one of our. Well, let’s go together, x. Lie. Come, Bungee costs 120 dollars, swing 120, Zip-Line (this is when you on the cable in a sitting position run over the precipice) – 35. All together, combo – 150.

Sights of Zimbabwe Personal Experience

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