Sights of Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg – the capital of the Urals. He is included in the list of the most visited cities of Russia, hundreds of thousands of tourists from different parts of the world are attended annually, they attract picturesque places, historical and architectural objects. This article describes the sights that each tourist should visit.

Monument to Tatishchev and de Gennina – Monument to the founders of Yekaterinburg

Sculpture composition depicts standing near the pedestal Fathers Founders of the Urals Capital, In the hands they hold the city plan. The opening of the monument took place in 1998, when the city was celebrated, 275 years from the day. Various concerts and festive events are often held near the monument.

Temple-on-blood – the largest Orthodox Church of Yekaterinburg

The temple was erected in 2000 At the site of the execution of the royal family, construction lasted for three years. The five-core temple is built in the our-Byzantine style, consists of two levels, upper and lower. The temple has large-scale sizes, the total area reaches almost 3000 sq. m, at the same time there may be 1900 people. The entrance to the temple has a monument to the royal family.

Observation platform "Vysotsky" &# 8211; Panoramic view of the city

In the center of Yekaterinburg in a modern skyscraper, rising to height 186 meters, You can admire the view of the city from a bird’s eye view. From here you can see almost all objects of the city, including the embankment. At the time of sunset, the site opens an impressive look, you can watch the sun sits down the horizon.

Weiner Street – Oldest Yekaterinburg Street

Pedestrian street is a favorite place of citizens, here a special atmosphere, a lot of historical buildings have been preserved, forged lamps, sculptural compositions, monuments, fountains are installed. In addition, there are many shops, restaurants and cafes. Street origins from Lenin Avenue, ends at Kuibyshev Street, Weiner Street length is 1, 5 km.

Sights of Yekaterinburg

Kharitonovsky Garden – City Business Card

Park was laid in 1926 At the request of the owner, he was created in the English style and preserved to the present day. The park consists of two parts, the top is closer to the house, the lower part is a picturesque corner. There are many trees on the territory of the park, an artificial pond is equipped, next to which Rotonda-Arbor has been preserved. There are often concerts and festive events in the park.

House Sevastyanova – Main Decoration of the City.

Mansion attracts the appearance of all guests of the city, the architectural style is impressive, the combination of white and green color gives the building a parade and elegant view. You can consider the arrogant arch, ornaments, cartouches, all this is present on the facade of the building. The mansion consists of three floors in order to get inside, you need to make an excursion.

Thus, there are many attractions in Yekaterinburg, the above objects are the most visited among tourists. Yekaterinburg leaves pleasant impressions for a long time, which is why often tourists come back to the city again and again.

Sights of Yekaterinburg

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