Sights of Vyshiserad in Prague and how to get to it?

Vysehrad – ancient chronicle of the Czech Republic. Where he lives beyond the horizon of beauty-Vltava, with a steep shore it admires the legendary fortress Vyšehd – a story enclosed in the stone and the legal pride of Prague.

The same region, located there, is rightfully considered the oldest center of the Czech Republic.

Millions of wanting to see the majestic Vyšehrad polished his trails and roads, she washed the breath of modernity of his buildings, churches and ruins, created by their hands, which turned into dust for several centuries ago.

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Where the complex is located?

South of the center of Prague. Going at the stop Výtoň you can see a landmark – a large railway bridge.

Passing under it for about five minutes before the traveler’s eyes will appear the majestic towers of Peter and Paul’s church and the corresponding pointer.

Accurate pointer:

  • Address: Vyšehrad, Praha 2;
  • Official site of the Visegrad: Praha-Vysehrad.CZ;
  • Metro name: Vyšehrad
  • Trams to Vyshigad: 6, 7, 18, 24, 53, 55.

Viseged on the map

Location of Visegrad and restaurants on the map

Success history

The first mentions of Vyšehrad date back to the century.

Then he was represented by a church and a small fortification. Later, the Czech King, who came to power, built a church of Peter and Paul on the territory of the fortress, who submitted directly to Rome and erected the Romanesque castle as a royal residence.

Only after the beginning of the reign of the next king – Sobolev I, the power of the immutors again moved to Prague Castle.

Vysehrad as a religious object

For a long time, the Visegrad fortress remained a religious object, And only at King Charlem IV this outstanding place rightly returned his former greatness.

Required reconstruction was performed:

  • The gate has strengthened by the fortress towers;
  • Passed the road to the south of the Czech Republic;
  • conducted a water supply;
  • Restored the capital basilica and other buildings.

In addition, Carl ordered to create "Code of Coronation".

According to this document, each arons of the throne, the ruler should have been proceeded in Vyšehrad &# 8212; The place of storage of shoes and sums, as the eternal reminder of the ancestor of the King himself – Pahar Prisem, relationship with whom the ruler was very proud.

Multi-shaded Visegrad

The long-suffering Visegend has survived the siege and conquest, partial destruction and onslaught of the thirty-year war, and from the end of the XVII century turned into one of the most powerful fortresses.

Until the beginning of the last century, he was in the jurisdiction of the military department, although he was considered the sixth district of Prague. Now the Vigiserad fortress is a national cultural monument.

To stay in centuries and get honored, honorable title, she passed a lot of tests.

Architectural ensembles of Vyshiserad

Mixing styles due to ancient and more modern reconstructions create a range from Romance to Baroque and Negotic Traditions.

Kaleidoscope of stained glass windows in the bones and basilica wakes fantasy and makes indulge in romantic dreams.

Leopoldovy, Tibar, Gothic gates, temples and churches, ruins of the Romanesque Bridge, Arches and Galleries – All this will remain in memory of the seen.

In the weathered face of the fortress it is worth looking at least because there is no in Prague, and not only in it, the place that is so braided by legends. Literally every stone, any statue or construction breathes its magic history.

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The most famous sights of the Visegrad complex

Among the attractions of the Visegecha are allocated more allocated:

  1. Brick, Tibar, Leopolda Gate;
  2. Roman heritage: Basilica Peter and Paul;
  3. Visegrad cemetery;
  4. Church of St. Martin;
  5. Legendary champions;
  6. Ban Libushi;
  7. Triple columns;
  8. Excursion route;
  9. TEBORSKY GATOR – Entrance to the Past.

Tibar gate

Powerful gates built in the Baroque style through which most tourists come.

They are named after the city of Tabor, which is located in the southern part of the Czech Republic. It was through them, went through the way to the camp, located in the center of the fortress during the war.

House Cocking Biliano or Fairy Tale Gathers Legends

Her modest house is immediately behind the dilapidated gothic gates, called Stack.

With trepidation, this woman folded into his old casket Authentic folklore masterpieces about dancing of white girls, mysterious transformations of monks, terrible black ps and defenseless Pani, standing on the bell tower.

Thanks to the crying (in the world of Mary) Bilianova &# 8212; Fabulous beauty mythical stories have been saved for future generations.

Rotunda of St. Martin

Rotonda is one of the oldest Romanesque buildings in the fortress. Passing through additional Leopoldovy Gates, called more French, you can see it in all its glory.

Her structure dates back to the XI century. Initially, it performed a religious function, and during the time of the Gusitsky wars, her barbaric was used as a weapon warehouse.

Building also contains a secret basement, which was found only in the last century during the excavation.

Legend "Night guests"

&# 171; crash of armor and religious hymns announced the neighborhood of the rotunda of St. Martin.

Too strange and inappropriate it looks in a moonless night.

Knights and monks entered the temple, but you can not wait them – they will never come back.&# 187;

It is such legends around this ancient Romanesque building, which is under the auspices of a good old old man Martin, who and the mother will throw gold to the upbringing of a child and bitter drunk will cure.

But one fact is indisputable &# 8212; On the walls of the church, you can still see the trail from the cannonism and the kernel itself, which remains here after an ancient shelling.

Church of the Advisor of the Head of Jan Forerunner

This ancient parish temple restored by flown after the Gusite Wars.

At one time, he willingly acted believers, a common life has flowed around and trading flourished. But during the transformation of Vysehrad to the fortress, the church was hidden into the wall.

Naturally, the Mass stopped, but "the sacred place is not empty", so the townspeople put the statue of the Virgin, skillfully made to order the famous Master Taler, in the niche of the Church, thereby designating the place of worship.

At this time, the sculptural composition is in the chapel of St. Mary, acting since the end of the XIX century.

Legend "Mystery Mass"

&# 171; a long time ago lived in the vicinity of Vyšehrad, Mrs. Negrinova.

She was a woman pious and regularly visited church services. Especially loved to go to the Church of the Celebration of the head of Yana Forerun.

Once, in accurate on "dulling" (remembered days), the Pani seemed that she slept.

She rushed into the church and was very surprised when he found many of his acquaintances in the temple, the truth was long.

If the careless lady remained in the company of skeletons longer, then the fairy tale would have come the end. But she ran in time, although frightened to death.&# 187;

Chestov column

These heavy six-meter pillars are decorated with a Visegend, leading to a bewilderment of its strange shape and appointment. The material from which they are made, when they hit them, the sunlight makes an elusive sulfuric spirit.

In this regard, probably, the famous legend takes place:

Legend "Deal with Scratch"

&# 171; argue with unclean dangerous. But the passions of the earth have power over us, so some official has concluded a terrible bet: on one cup of scales – the soul, and on the other – a column from the legendary Roman Cathedral.

Yes, just was not destined to win a dispute, since he constantly interfered the apostle Peter. Who did not have time to the end of Mesia damn, in a terrible anger threw a column directly to the Cathedral of Peter and Paul.

Long she, broken lying, preventing parishioners until she was placed in carlary gardens.&# 187;

Although other rumors are also running about mystical stones: allegedly, these are the remains of a pagan location to determine the solstice, the submits of the grooved gods or columns of Catholic temples, long-destroyed time. Who knows?

Sights of Vyshiserad in Prague and how to get to it

Old decancing

Decancing walls, since the time of hostilities, keep part of the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, and windows look at another shrine – the basilica of the Rev. Clement.

Once, a powerful explosion of the Dean’s residence was partially destroyed.

Practically with any building of the above, an interesting story is necessarily associated with the nasty of mysticism, so the decantery did not make an exception.

Legend "Generous Pani"

&# 171; Night comes, and beautiful white shadow sits on the Sleepy basement of old decancing.

With the onset of the morning, several silver coins are invariably found. It seems to persistently indicates the path to the lost clade hidden there.&# 187;

Libushina Banya

The only construction of the Vysehrad, which remained untouched to the present day, is called the name of the ancient princess predictor, the wife of Czech Pahar Premisess.

In appearance, it can be assumed that these were defensive struggles or a fragment of the Gothic Tower. But you can’t argue with the legend – she stubbornly says that it is a bath of lubrichel libashi.

Legend "Curse Libushi"

&# 171; Princess enjoyed in the bath not only washed, after which he gave orders to drop another unfortunate in the river.

Long over the surface of the Sleepy River Vltava will be able to break the dismay of abandoned lovers Princess Libushi.&# 187;

In addition, they say that in the rock she hid out of reasonable treasures and only on the night of Ivan Kupala, when the Mountain is hospitably revealed, a pure soul man has a chance to get to them.

Sculptures of the Visegrad Park

On the territory of the Unique Park there are four sculptural pairs:

  1. "Tstirad and Sharcar – Eternal reproach to betrayal and cruelty.
  2. "Proceeding and glory", as a symbol of heroism and combating conquer.
  3. "Libuha and Precumsl". Stone rulers are full of love to each other and hope that their country will be a mighty power for a long year.
  4. "Lamir and Song". If you listen, you can hear an old entanglement, reflected from the fortress walls. The old songwriter inspires a gentle muse.

On the first composition tells touching history.

The legend "frozen in stone"

&# 171; In times of the fierce maiden war, a wonderful scarf decided to squeeze the Vladyka Tsirad to kill him.

And the zealous plan was able to: Talked by girlfriends to a tree, Scharki regretted his girlfriends, and he walked into the Golden Horn at her request, after which Amazon killed him a squad, and he himself finished his life woven into the wheel.&# 187;

To this day, they stand under the scorching sun and fired by the rain, connected by the hand of the sculptor Joseph thought.

Cathedral of Peter and Paul

One of the most ancient buildings in Vyšehrad. Basilica, built by the king by the goalislav in the image and similarity of the famous, similar temple in Rome.

Unfortunately, during battles, the building was badly damaged, I experienced not one restructuring and therefore it is possible to represent how it looked initially, looking at its current, neootic image.

Inside the temple is shocked by the greatness.

Among others, it contains such a shrine like the Stone Coffin of St. Lohin.

Legend "Saint Sinner"

According to legend, it was a Roman warrior who tied a crucified Christ.

Later repented and became a Christian.

After death, his sarcophagus transported Peter and Paul from Rome to the church. During the war, the Stone Coffin dropped into the river. But he opposed physical laws, and after some time, was watered to the previous place.

Visegrad memorial cemetery

It is located close to the famous church and occupies a fairly large territory. The cemetery in the daylight does not seem so much mystical, but rather reminds the sad octoral museum.

Visegrad memorial cemetery

Generic crypts, stunning beauty statues, famous Mausoleum Slavin, created specifically for the burial of more semi-tech outstanding personalities, who brought fame to the Czech people.

In addition to them, fifty unknown shower are buried there.

Sculpture composition, crowned pantheon – Masterpiece of artwork and symbolism. But considering the sacral meaning of the historical object, it is impossible that no terrible rumors go about him.

Legend "Mystery of Black Care"

&# 171; at night she leaves on the streets of the old town, harnessed by the four of black horses, and without a course he sent to the Visegrad cemetery.

Who is in the crew? They say this is a knight that takes over the sin of murder and is forced to attend the grave of the victim, until her soul forgive the unfortunate ..&# 187;

Visegradian caasemates

Probably the most gloomy and inhospitable place in Visegrad.

Incredibly long, dull corridors, low ceilings and complete silence. Involuntarily think what happens on these walls when the last tourist goes.

At the end of the tunnel, in the huge hall of the throat, real sculptures are kept from Charles Bridge, because there are no temperature fluctuations and suitable conditions in the caasemates.

This was taken care of engineers of antiquity, very competently thinking the ventilation system. And over to draw legends, did not have to work.

The place itself contributes to the accommodation in him and phantoms.

Legend "Fire Ghost"

&# 171; Here it is swims by like a dry leaf, shaking a fiery beard, flies with wild hissing on a fortress wall and scattered with a spark shoe.

This is a local resident who has forcted for centuries to pass the same way ..&# 187;

Double Scala

Items for centuries worth a stone fragment, similar to two hugged girls. It can see him, who will throw out a cliff on the majestic Vltava.

Legend "Enchanted Custlies"

&# 171; they grazed goats on sheer cliffs.

Upon instep of girls, animals broke down from a big height and drowned in the river. Mother, in despair, cursed daughters, and they became stone sculptures, ever decorating the waters of Vltava.&# 187;

"Two shepherds" forever frozen near the Visegrad castle still forced to stop passing by people passing.

In a word, do not enter into your own route in the Czech Republic, the Vyrahsek complex is unforgivable.

How to get to Vyšehrad?

Alone can be reached in two ways:

  1. From the center of Prague, on the legendary tram: № 24, 8 and 7, stop Albertov, and №16, 17, 3 to the destination Výtoň;
  2. Metro: Red Branch "C", to Vyšehrad station;

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Recreation Tips in Visegrad

But travel is thin, so here List of tips, following which the tourist will not spoil his rest:

  • Attend the fortress is more intelligible in the morning;
  • In the summer, a huge influx of those who want to touch the antique, it will prevent a qualitatively to inspect. In addition, the local relief requires large energy costs, respectively;
  • Must be descended into the champs;
  • Start a tour better with the Tabor gate, but to leave through the brick gate;
  • Tickets and excursions can be ordered online if you plan a trip in advance;
  • Remember that in the territory of the National Park is forbidden to walk dogs, skate, segments and rollers, bonfire breeding and installation of campgrounds;
  • For security reasons, it is not allowed to be located in the location of the cliffs;
  • Bicycles are allowed to move only on equipped tracks;
  • Violation of these rules entails administrative responsibility.

The most famous hotel reviews in Karlovy Vary &# 8212; "Sour cream Vysehrad", it combines a spa center and a sanatorium and is located next to the Forest Parking Zone.

Visegrad castles and alleys are patiently waiting for those who want to touch their old, many who have seen the walls, and breathe the lives of the parks.

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