Sights of Voronezh

Voronezh and his picturesque beauty always attracted travelers and tourists.

Station Voronezh

It is here that you can meet the visitors of travelers. After all, there is a large number of trains, trains. The majestic station building erected in the years of the Great Patriotic War. Of course, the war destroyed the building, I had to restore a lot. Copper statues rise on the roof of the station, which are of particular interest at visitors.

Near the station eating a metal fence giving an unusual view of this place. In order to go inside this building, you need to get on the checkpoint. Buildings made for the security of city residents.

The train station has an area where the monument is the hero of war. Here is the famous street of the world.

Monument to master Mandelstam

The poet was engaged in translations of texts and writing beautiful poems. Erected a monument in 2008. Not far from the monument is a house that previously rented a great poet.

The stadium "Trud"

Football matches are constantly held at the stadium, which collect a large number of spectators.

Blagoveshchensky Cathedral

Considered the main city hall. This temple has erected in 2009. Not far from the cathedral is a monument dedicated to St. Mitrofan.

Prospect Revolution

This is the main prospect of Voronezh. On the contrary there is a railway management building. In the far corner there is a beautiful tower that always collects lovers to capture these structures in the pictures.

Museum of Ivan Kramsky

Sights of Voronezh

Museum dedicated to a talented painter. Residents of the city know where this museum is located. Tourists and travelers, of course, have to spend their strength to find this building. A large number of people collects the museum at its exhibitions.

Monument to Andrei Platonov

Monument stands in a picturesque square, where residents of the city love to gather. Every year in the city, the Festival of Arts is held. Platonov – Great Pride and Title of the city of Voronezh.

Monument to Mitrofan Pyatnitsky

In the picturesque places there is a square of home officers. It is here that you can find a wonderful monument to Pyatnitsky. Also in the square is Balalaika and Bayan, who attract travelers.

Monument "White Bim Black Ear"

BIM is in great demand, because everyone knows the sad story about the faithful and devoted dog. A huge number of tourists come to look at this monument and capture himself next to him.

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