Sights of Vietnam

Translated from Vietnamese: "Lake Returned Sword". According to the legend, in the lake there lived a magic turtle, which gave the commander of the unprecedented strength, with whom he defeated the Chinese and won independence for Vietnam.

On the shore of the lake is the temple of the jade mountain, magnificent and outside and inside. Read in our article: how to get here and what objects near the lake must need to see.

Hanoi Hilton

The famous prison, famous during the Vietnamese War, when they held a shot down American pilots. In Vietnamese "Hoal", which is translated as "fire oven". Do not be scared, people were not burned here (we hope).

The place is oppressive, but very interesting. Here you can see the life of prisoners – both Americans and Vietnamese during the war of independence. How to get how much pay per ticket and what to watch, read in our article.

Mausoleum Ho Shi Min

Place of resting Ho Chi Min – the Great Leader of the People of Vietnam. For Vietnamese, Mausoleum remains a cult place, they do not lose love for "Uncle Ho". For tourists, Mausoleum has become an interesting attraction.

You can get inside. Working hours specific, only in the morning and not every day, we told about it in detail in our article.

Old Quarter Hanoi

From the 11th century, artisans of all professions live and operate in the area. Total professions numbered 36, hence the name of the district – "36 streets". And now artists work here, woodworking masters and stone.

Old Quarter Love Tourists. Here you can not only buy handmade unique gifts and souvenirs, but also sit in a cafe, feel the atmosphere of old Hanoi. All the details in our article.

Markets Hanoi

Markets in Asia – this is not only a place to shop, but also the opportunity to watch the entertainment program, try the colorful local Street Food or simply to lay on exotic fruits, dishes, items.

In this article we talked about the most famous and interesting markets in Hanoi, gave addresses and tips for those who wish to visit them.

Ho Chimina

Delta Mekong

Perhaps the trip to the Mekong Delta is the most colorful adventure in Vietnam. It is difficult to describe emotions when the excursion boat passes past crocodiles and dangerous snakes, and such an excursion on the delta happens often.

In this article we talked about the trip: what sights watching tourists as there are different programs that take and what to prepare.

Notre Dame de Saigon

Until 1945, Vietnam was the colony of France. The French built in Ho Chi Minh City (then Saigon) a large Catholic temple, wanted to promote christianity into the country.

Compared with European Catholic cathedral, it is small, but interesting in its own way. the entrance is free. Inside, you can see the beautiful decoration of the temple and the statue of Saigon Mother of God, which is rumored peacefully.

Tunnels Heaps (Kuti)

Famous Tunnels of Vietnamese Partisans, famous for the American film "Tunnel rats". Now they have become a tourist attraction.

Tourists can apply to tunnels themselves, see the museum with a layout of the entire underground system, to see the reconstruction of life partisans. You can even shoot the current weapons of the time of the Vietnam War. All the details in our article.

Tower Bitexco

Bitexco Tower – the highest building of Vietnam, and of course, on top of the observation deck. The height of world standards is modest – 260 meters, but the panoramic view of the city of Ho Chimin fascinates.

Read about how much it costs to get to the viewing platform and how to look at Ho Chi Minh City for free. Work schedule, how to get to what to pay attention to the top.

Ben Than

The main market of Ho Chi Minh City, is located in the city center. Everything is sold here – from toothpicks to exotic healing herbs and craft items. It is not surprising that almost all tourists in Ho Chi Minh City drove here to see and buy gifts.

Read about how to get there to choose on numerous trays and in market stores that try in local cafes. And what else can I see interesting in step accessibility from the Market Ben Thhan.

Nha Trang

Sights of Vietnam

Eco Park Young Bay

Young Bay – Wildlife Park, in which a long-time wildlife is no longer in the first place, and tourist business has been set at the head of the corner. Tourists here are killed crocodiles, watch monkeys and even ride in ostrich.

Read the most interesting: What kind of entertainment is waiting for tourists how to get to yourself or how much will the excursion cost.

Cham Towers on Nagar

These towers on the mountain ku Lao over a thousand years ago, the people of Camp culture were built. These are temples dedicated to Hindu gods. Even in the 10th century, the people of Champs were ousted from Vietnam. Towers – their main cultural heritage.

Now tower serve for Buddhist ceremonies and as one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Nha Trang. Read all the details in our article.


Beautiful view in Nha Trang, combining traditional Vietnamese dancing and contemporary art. Here are beautiful national costumes combined with grace and plastic actors.

Read in our article: How to get to theater, where the show passes, how much is a ticket and how to get a discount, time and useful advice to tourists who wish to see Nha Trang Dream.

Orchid Island

Tropical paradise – not for this dream ride to the resorts of Vietnam? Nha Trang has long been similar to the corner of natural nature, but tourists can go to the island nearby, and the most famous is the island of orchids.

Here are flower gardens, and waterfalls, and it is such a beach that is shown in commercials. Orchid flowering here can be seen at any time of the year. Read about ticket prices for a boat and excursions, features of the trip.


Mount Taku

Mount Taku (or ta ku) famous for the largest in Southeast Asia the statue of the underlying Buddha. Also on the mountain you can see two beautiful Buddhist pagodas, the sculpture of Bodhisattva, and it is possible to ride upstairs 1600 meters long on the cable steel cable.

Read in our article about ticket prices and excursions to the mountain, as it is more convenient to get and what to look at the top.

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