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The South China Sea, which we saw in Vietnam, unfortunately, did not dare to our soul.

For the first time we met him in the town of Vungtau, which is 100 km south of Ho Chi Minhine. The sea there is gray and ugly, and the beaches are sleeping by crowds of people – this is the closest resort to the southern capital, so that the metropolitan residents have chosen local beaches, do not push around here at all.

The gray color of the sea here is explained by the proximity of the mouth of the Mekong River – from here and all the consequences and impurities))

The beaches are not very well-groomed, for one and a half day in the city, we managed to see the main, but to swim, and thoughts did not arise

The beaches in Muin, we also didn’t like it very much – this is Mecca for KiteSerfers, here is a great wind and waves, and for those who are not fond of kite, this, in our opinion, is far from the best place

The beach is long, well suited for running, but the sea at the shore is some gray, and landscapes are completely unattractive.

In general, Muin is a fishing village, on the assortment with the fish market on Bali, do not compare, of course, but look at the morning catch we, yet, came

Those who are in love with Vietnam, probably do not like our opinion, but, apparently, after the Caribbean coast of Mexico and the Philippine, and even after the Phangani beaches, love Vietnamese is very difficult.

There is no snow-white flour sand and water is not blue at all or turquoise. Well, bays, such beautiful, like in El Nido, on the Pangan, on Lombok and Bali here, unfortunately, no.

You may need to go to the north of the country, in Halong Bay, but something according to the reviews of travelers and there is not everything is so beautiful and wonderful, as the guidebooks describe.

From the point of view of infrastructure, the beach line is good, which is quite suitable for tourists coming from winter. This we are already, apparently, have seen enough, and we expect to see the next incredible beauty of the paradise coves.

But we liked the beach in Nha Trang, despite the fact that he is urban – there and the color of water is surprisingly beautiful, and the sand is pleasant, albeit yellow. The beach is clean, wide, very long, and the most interesting, very alive, especially in the morning – this will probably be a separate post

There are still beaches and beyond the city, we did not go there, but something tells that there should be not bad.

On the islands located near Nha Trang, here and the sea turquoise, and the beaches were even more pleasant, only here is the water in February, still quite cool, it was uncomfortable for a long time

Most Vietnamese tourists and at all did not get into the water, limiting the walking boat with a transparent bottom.

Beach fantiet

Crocodile farm on fanta

This place was interesting, until these crocodiles were not seen. You needed to go from our hotel an hour and a half, so crocodiles watched, being still full forces. I can now make a mistake and be confused, as there is already a lot of time, and you don’t remember everything

Tourists launch here on a network of bridges located at an altitude of about 3 meters above the crocodile. Crocodiles lazy, fat, meter 2-3 in length. Immediately visible, fattening to slaughter. For 3 kopecks you can buy fish and feed the tummy with fishing rods. The wisers and fat (because wise) are not jumping for fish, but wait until they go to mouth, and only then slam the jaws.

Sights of Vietnam Personal Experience

Farm Restaurant offers crocodile and ostrich meat. Crocodile, I remember, it was normal, and an ostrich is so-so, if it was it, because it was roasted in breadcrumbs, and it was impossible to understand the taste. Belts for all sorts, decorations and other crocodile skin trifles. The same good was full and on the street near the hotel

Vinpearl – Nha Trang Entertainment Park (Vietnam)

Vinpearl entertainment park with cable car located on the next island. In addition to the same dear hotel, which is also located on this island, there is another park with various entertainment, where for a reasonable fee of 400 thousand. dongs per person over the whole day (including trips on the cable car back and forth) let all those who want. For children, growth to 1,3 meters discount. Among the entertainment of water park, attractions, slot machines, good aquarium and fountain shows in 19.thirty. There is also a beach with white and small as a flour sand. On this beach, almost always calm, even when in the city of Storm, because from the excitement this beach closes the island. Also on the island there are several cafes and eateries, where you can have a snack for an additional fee.

Regarding the water park as a whole, he is not bad, only here are some stupid, although quite steep. Not on all slides you can ride with mattresses or circles, which for such high slides automatically equals at least small injury. A lot of slides, there are children’s slides. But the slides mostly work only at a certain time. It is necessary to track which slides are currently open. And on the scoreboard can be open, but in fact it may not work. And vice versa. In general, the slides, and in particular those that without mattresses or circles are pretty purposes. According to a testimony of one of the tourist, someone broke the tooth on "Toilet bowl", and in our eyes one pair dispersed on "kamikaze", that a woman who was sitting at the rear rather hit her legs about the barrier. True, it seemed that it was without injuries, but it looked not very attractive. I, for example, in a flat place turned over and hit my head about the pool on an attraction with waves. True, it all happened, but then the head was sobbed a few more days.

Moon Park or Attractions are designed rather for middle-aged children. Show fountains once stands. It seems to have completely copied from the Fontanov show in Singapore, which we saw on TV. Beautiful also the territory of the entertainment complex – a lot of greens, colors, all walkways laid tiles.

In general, the children here are just paradise. Adults – one time you can go.

What is worth visiting in Muin?

Excursions in Phanthete

Lived at the Romana Resort & SPA (Phantheet, or rather the village of Mui is not). The hotel’s guide never appeared. Marina Manager from Restaurant "Forester" (Mui not) gave us a visit to the excursion company and the next day we went with a personal guide to the lying (sleeping) Buddha. To my disappointment, this is a relatively new attraction of Vietnam (40 years old). But looks awesome! Next, we were taken to the plantation of the Dragon Fruit. And then to the Cham Tower. The guide girl did not speak English very well. Discuss it in advance when buying an excursion. On a taxi, we ourselves reached Phantheet and saw the daily life of the provincial city. There is a supermarket in Phanthet "Co.Op Market", where you can buy food for snack in the hotel and cute leather bags for $ 2-3.

After the fantaet we had two nights in Saigon with a free excursion in the Mekong Delta. Very advise. You will drive on small horses through the Vietnamese village. Swim on the boats through the jungle. See cocoa and breadfruit fruits. Look at how coconut candy do. You will feed a wonderful lunch and give to try sake and honey with lychee flowers.

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