Sights of Vienna in one day

From Brno, we went to the capital of Austria – Vienna. The road took just a couple of hours – between them only 134 km. Like in the Czech Republic, vignette is required for movement on Austrian roads. We purchased it in the border store Duty Free for a period of 10 days, the price is about 8 euros, because they did not plan to linger in Vienna for a long time. Vienna is a city that needs to enjoy why you need to walk a lot and walk a lot, and only then you will feel his unique atmosphere. This time we decided to limit the night and evening walk in the city center. In today’s report, you can walk along with us in the evening vein and see everything, what can be seen in this magic city in one evening. On the way, we booked a hotel, the main criteria when choosing the low price, own parking and proximity to the public transport stop. This was the four-star hotel Hotel Bosei At the cost of about € 60 per room with parking. Until the metro stop was not very close – 15-20 minutes on foot, but at a pleasant quarter, so it did not become a serious problem.

Right under our windows, a golf course belonging to the hotel was located. So if you love golf, then in this hotel you can combine pleasant with useful. &# 128578;

A little rest, we went to the subway to the center of Vienna. You can buy a ticket in automata at the entrance to the subway, there is a our-speaking and English-speaking menu. Fare – € 2 for a one-way trip. But if you plan to stay in Vienna for several days and use public transport, it is best to purchase a Vienna Map. Its cost is about € 20 and for this money you get an unlimited number of trips on any urban public transport within 72 hours + discounts in museums and restaurants.

Vienna is a very beautiful and romantic city. This is the largest city of Austria, which is among the top ten major cities of the European Union. The quality of the lives of the Ventains is one of the highest in Europe. The history of the city is very rich and begins with the i century of our era. Of course, Vienna is one of the European cities that it is necessary to visit.

The most famous landmark and symbol of Vienna – St. Stephen’s Cathedral. It is very easy to find it – enough to go outside from the metro StephanSplatz. Saint Stephen – patron of Vienna, so the cathedral is wearing his name. The first mention of the Cathedral refers to 1137, but now he acquired only by 1511. In 1137, Leopold IV laid the first church in this place. The construction of the church ended in 10 years, and after almost 100 years, in 1230-1245, the expansion of the cathedral began and since then the Western Wall has been preserved ("Romanesque"), albeit in the rebuilt form. But in 1258, the church, unfortunately, burned.

In 1263, new construction began on the site of the burnt cathedral. Consecrated the cathedral was April 23, and this date is celebrated to this day. In 1304-1340, the church expanded and completed. April 7, 1359 Rudolph IV laid the first stone of the new Gothic Church on the site of the modern South Tower.

According to the plan of architects, the walls of the new cathedral were installed outside the old, and after the completion of construction, they were planned to disassemble. So happened, but only in 1430. In 1433, the construction of the South Tower was completed, and after 17 years, in 1450, the construction of Northern. But the construction stopped in 1530, and the tower remained unfinished. In 1578, a renaissance dome was installed at an altitude of 68.3 meters. The crowns in a joke call him "Roof water tower".

During World War II, the Cathedral did not suffer in bombing, but during the retreat, the commandant of the city of ZEPP Dietrich ordered the destroying center of Vienna. However, his order was not executed. On April 11, 1945, Mrauders plundered and set fire to the shops around the church, a day later, the fire turned into a cathedral. The roof collapsed, the bell of the northern tower collapsed and failed, the interiors were almost completely destroyed by fire. Restoration of the cathedral after the war ended only by 1960. In the 80s, a full-scale restoration of the church began, which continues and now – part of the building in the scaffolding.

On 137 meter tower of the cathedral there is an observation deck. Up 343 steps and award-winning will be a stunning view of the city. And under the building of the Cathedral of St. Stephen are famous catacombs. Prices for tickets, in our opinion, very democratic. For example, a complete ticket with an audio guide in both towers and catacombs costs € 16, a children’s ticket – € 2.nine.

If you do not plan to climb the towers and go down to the catacombs, and you just want to see the cathedral with an audio guide, it will cost you in 6 euros. All prices and types of excursions can be viewed on the official Site of the Cathedral of St. Stephen.

Until 1732, there was a cemetery in the square in front of the cathedral, and now Stefanplatz – the most tourist destination. Guests of the city here are a lot and day and night.

We have planned a very rich walk in the center of Vienna, but on a warm Sunday evening we decided to just want to walk through this city, and not running with the guide in your hands from one sight to another. So removing the "red guide. Vienna "away in the bag, we went where the eyes look.

If you don’t want to walk on foot, you can ride a phikere – the route passes by all major attractions. FIAIKERS themselves also have long become one of the sights of Vienna. These equestrian carriages were very common in Europe before humanity has invented a car.

No wonder we left the car in the hotel parking and took advantage of public transport – on weekends Parking is free, but free place to find almost impossible.

Walking around the city was very pleasant. In such a beautiful and cozy city, like Vienna, simply could not work on another.

From the Cathedral of St. Stephen, we slowly reached the square of the new market, which used to be called the "flour market" (Melmarct). This is one of the oldest areas of Vienna – the first mention of it relate by 1220. During World War II, the Square has seriously suffered, and after the reconstruction, it was thoroughly changed its appearance.

In the center of the square is the most beautiful fountain of the city – "Providence", built in 1739 by the sculptor Georg Raphael Donner. In 1873, lead sculptures of the fountain were replaced by bronze.

Some houses around the square have been preserved since the XIII century.

Red Building on Square – Capuchin Church.

Dream of almost any girl – Pink Vespa. &# 128578;

Almost all stores on Sunday evening were closed, but their showcases still attract attention.

Walking in the center of Vienna, we went to the pedestrian street of Corentherstrasse (Carinthia Street).

Sights of Vienna in one day

Kernenterstrasse Street is often referred to as a landmark of Vienna, as it is a huge number of shops and a cafe on it and there are always a lot of tourists here.

In the evening, all the ideas and performances of artists begin here. If you do not know what evening do in Vienna, you can spend a pleasant evening here. And then, lovers dance can go to clubs and discos. &# 128578;

These mysterious people appeared almost from nowhere, included music and began to dance. Then also unexpectedly disappeared in an unknown direction.

And these wonderful musicians in helmets saw almost everyone who was in Vienna and walked around the Carinthian street.

The building of the Vienna Opera is one of the most famous musical theaters of the world. They say that it is better to hear once than to see a hundred times. We are not connoisseurs of the opera, so we decided to simply admire the building from.

If you are in Vienna, then you need to try the Vienna Coffee and the famous Austrian Cake Zaper (Original Sacher-Torte) in the hotel of the same name. This cake was invented by the Austrian confectioner Franz Zaher and quickly received love not only among the Austrians, but also around the world.

This dessert is served in many Cafe Austria, but the most delicious is considered in the cafe in front of the Vienna Opera. In order to get to the cafe, we even had to stand in the queue – it is a popular.

In addition, it is an excellent sweet souvenir for relatives and loved ones, instead of traditional magnets, which, by the way, are very expensive. We are noble sweet tooth and we can note that the Austrians understand the sense in desserts!

After coffee with dessert, it’s time to dine! To go somewhere in the restaurant we did not want at all, so we just snapped unusually delicious sausages in street eatery. This is something extraordinary. Tastier sausages only in Germany.

Night came to Vienna, and it’s time for us to go back to the hotel.

In the Cathedral of St. Stephen began the evening service and we decided to finally look inside.

Sights of Vienna in one day

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