Sights of USA: Personal Experience

Park is located in Los Angeles practically on Sunset Boulevard, half a month from the place where America’s most beautiful road begins Pasific Coast Highway. On the official site there is a location of parking.

Paradise Garden is working every day from 9 am to 16:30, and on Sunday opens later, at 12 o’clock in the day. Login and parking free.

Los Angeles: Beaches Santa Monica and Venice

Washington is worth visiting for museums

It is time to walk on museums, entrance to most of them as in the capitol is free.

What to say if you are absolutely not interested in any of my obligatory points (Capitol, Ovechkin and the White House) then Washington is worth visiting only for museums.

Perhaps anywhere in the world you will not find so many interesting free museums.

Well, the absolute star of the Washington Museum Sky, this is an aerospace museum! The organizers argue that it contains the largest collection of historical aircraft in the world. Belief! There are almost everything and almost every taste, from "Lunar Stone" to Soviet missiles of the SS-20 and the world’s first aircraft.

Excursion to Capitol

Let’s start with the Congress building. Capitol is impressive now, and how this mahina looked in the 19th century I can’t even imagine.

The entrance for tourists built just a few years ago. Built with a scope: Emancipation hall, sculpture of freedom, cafe for 500 seats. So got carried away that they did not notice how 620 million were spent and after such numbers someone else thinks that some kind of couple of billions spent in Sochi, this is a crown of dismissing funds?

Capitol An object, though strategic, but there were no difficulties with the passage.

A visit is completely free, however, at the very beginning will have to see the 15-minute propaganda film about how the American man breathes freely and how many forests, fields and rivers. Well, then the guide at the Valz pace spent across several halls, passing the historic-political facts, most of which I missed the sights, concentrating at sightseeing. For example, studying such a hall with paintings of the most important events of American history.

With sculptures of 2 presidents: Washington and Reagan. Surprisingly, they put them in one row.

Baltimore harbor: what to visit

Sights of US Personal Experience

A few days in New York

I spent a great time, while I did not plan anything at all. If anyone is interested, it all had been distributed in this way:

– Evening arrival, walk through the night Midtaun.

– Downtown to dinner, Ground zero, Financial district, promenade and piers, Brooklyn bridge.
– After dinner Midtown before un, in the evening, a trip to Brooklyn.

– Before Lunch, Sentral Park.
– After dinner Midtown, Rock Building, 5 Avenue.
– Evening East Village, Concert, Club. Then night view from Empire State.

– In the morning Chinatown, Little Italy was walking up to Downstauun, there is a helicopter flight (I recommend, a good look).
– During the day a bus from Midtown with a review tour of Upper East Side, Harlem.
– Lunch at Greenvich Village, then on foot through Soho in Downtown (these areas I liked the most).

– Early in the morning.

– New York a great city, where you can always have a good time.
– all the main one can see in just three days.

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