Sights of Ukraine: Personal Experience

Artek is a huge territory, absolutely empty and closed for extraneous land with stunning beaches. It is almost always the purest and transparent sea. Filled with age-old cedars, pines and cypresses. He is a national park guarded by the state. There is almost impossible to get.

The camp spread from the Rock of Genoese to the Bear Mountain, and consists of 10 camps. Cypress camp, extreme to Gurzuf and the most remote from Ayu Dag (Bear Mountains) – My native. There, by the way, the most difficult to get.

Now they have already acquired passes, but before – always through the fence and through loopholes. I still remember every hole, every place where it is easy to climb. Many local there are almost never happening, but for 99% of holidaymakers, Artek is the famous camp only for the fence

Places Artek absolutely smaller and wild. Many tracks, parapets have not been restored by decades. Something already collapsed.

And some camps, on the contrary, are renovated so much that Artek in them annually adopts foreigners from Europe. Somewhere with new buildings, saved the old style.

Lugansk tanks

Memorial complex to the fighters of the revolution, and a memorial wall with columns and sculptures.

Here are two trophy British Tank MK-V.

Analogs in the world are preserved units. Both MK-5 Tank, produced in the UK in 1917-18., During the civil war, Denikin’s troops were involved in the battles, then were captured by red and amounted to the basis of the first Tank Countess of the Red Army. In 1938. removed from weapons and uncomplicated tanks on the initiative of the defense addict to. Voroshilov were transferred to different cities of the USSR, in particular his native Lugansk.

In Lugansk, there were tanks with factory numbers – № 9186 (which in the white army had its own name – "Bold", and was located in the i-th tank squad) and No. 9344 (possibly, "Ataman Ermak" from the third detachment).

At the moment Tanks type MK.V (but other modifications), except Lugansk, have been preserved in Kharkov, Arkhangelsk and one in Cuba. The tanks in the rest of the cities were lost.

Lugansk tanks were also threatened by destroying: from Voroshilov, a guidance did to remove the tanks from the pedestals and give to the smelter. However, on the initiative of the workers of the Luhansk diesel-friendly plant, both tanks were buried to the ground right on the factory area for storing scrap metal. After coming to power, Brezhnev tanks were restored as monuments.

In 2007, with the assistance of the British side, it was decided to restore the tanks that were returned to their original place after the restoration.

Collected tanks are certainly perfect!

Kyiv Museum K.G.Powesty

November 30 of this year opened "Kyiv Museum K.G.Powesty".

It is located in the old building SS No. 135 on the street. Mikhail Kotsjubinsky, 12B (m. University).

The museum is fully transferred to the atmosphere of Kyiv began the beginning of the twentieth century, the years of studies of the romance writer in classical gymnasium and university.

On the day of the opening, a lot of guests came, so there was no excursion to Kyiv Powest. But at normal time it is a continuation of inspection. You only need to call the phones specified on the website of the PAUSTKIEV Museum.IO.UA.

Excursion to Sababi

The trip turned out to be almost all day: we drove away from Odessa to the side of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky 2 hours to catch up for excursions at 13 o’clock (they are held three times a day), on which heard a lot of interesting things, for example, a bushes are planted near the grapes rose.

Excursion lasts an hour, then an hour was tasting the shab’s wines under the explanation of the guide, how to competently use alcoholic beverages. The Nikolai Guide has repeatedly made the emphasis on the fact that in the wine there is nothing wrong, you just need to have a culture of wine consumption than they do.

The territory of the plant is spacious and pleases with cleanliness and extension, immediately arises confidence in the thoroughness of production.

In the hour we came across the air, I was invered in the museum, forced in the two halls of the museum, where we showed different films, so that the tasting mood was the most tasting. By the way, tickets are sold there for two types: you can do the ticket cheaper and without tasting, our "Drunk" Tickets cost 110 hryvnia. At the factory there is a shop of corporate products.

Sights of Ukraine Personal Experience

Started with white dry "Chardonon Classic" – A good light wine worth about 40 hryvnia (160 rubles or 5 dollars). Is there some more "Chardonna Reserve" higher quality, it is 107 hryvnia, but the taste is noticeably different from the classic for the better.

The guide showed how to keep a glass – only behind the leg so as not to heat the white wine with hands, which should be cooled, about 17-18 degrees), how to rotate the glass so that the wine in it can reveal its fragrance and deliver not only taste enjoyment but also to pamper the sense of smell.

Then there was a semi-sweet white, and although I don’t really like all sorts of semi-wines, but it was very pleasant, easy, as if saturated with oxygen.

Then there was a red wine, sparkling wine, in the rise of degree, dry sherry, very good, pleasant, brandy (here he did not come to taste, but I believe that they are still ahead).

There will be an opportunity and desire – visit: as from their wine, a pleasant aftertaste remains on the trip.

Odessa "Bringing" – Low prices and a huge selection

A huge selection of greenery, vegetables, fruits, cereals, fresh eggs and beautiful fresh dairy products at affordable prices is impressive. There is no such long ago in Russia.

There is a large selection of all sorts of cakes that cannot be called healthy products. Also sell ready-made, baked yellow pancakes, this color gives a bright chicken yolk.

But all sorts of Korean pickles are better not to buy and do not try. I have a very negative experience after the offer of sellers to try them "ears" or "mushrooms".

How to get to the Lviv Reserve "Tagan" (Ukraine)

Ukraine. Crimea. Highway Simferopol-Feodosia, in the area of ​​the city of Belogorsk on both sides of the following aspects. Because "Tagan" Opided only in March 2012, there are still quite small in March (to be honest, then one by one), so see more carefully, do not miss. Local residents willingly show the road (mashed by hand in the right direction), but I feel my spinal cord, that by the next year they will be tired and will be easily sent, either politely turn away, or culturally asking for a setting. Attention. Come on the signs, do not use coordinates with Taigan.Com.UA. Since we drove by car, having previously driven by the location coordinates of the location from the official site, we specifically lost!

What time of year to go to "Tagan" absolutely no matter what time of the day! Best, come to opening in 9.00, when predators have not yet attempted and did not sprawled from the rays of the roaring sun in shady bushes.

Price: 100 hryvnia for entrance from an adult and 50 with a child. There are cafes, clean bathrooms, washbasins, drinkers, as well as a bunch of excesses in the form of rides (for example, "Ferris wheel", Although, to be honest, look there in the district is not for that), playgrounds with slides and sandboxes and hotels for tired guests from far distant.

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