Sights of Uganda

Uganda lies in the East African Rift area (earthquake fault zone), so the variety of landscapes and relief is one of "Kozray" country. Numerous natural monuments of the country are not so widely known in the world, as it is rather difficult to access and do not have a developed rest infrastructure inherent in analogues in other East African countries. Nevertheless, Victoria Lake, Albert, Kyoga, Edward and others., Kabarega Waterfall and White Nile River System are unique natural complexes, and Rouvenzori and Achol Parks are considered one of the best in Africa.

Campala – a modern, noisy capital city, who was somehow after many years of dictatorship and civil wars quickly restore its reputation as a prosperous city, the capital of one of the most rapid developing countries in Africa. Campoon even has a casino, nightclubs and bizarre restaurants, which will not often meet in Equatorial Africa. And all this is absolutely safe! The city, as they believed, was built on seven hills, but the city center is located only at one of them – Naskaro, the most hotels, casinos, restaurants, shopping centers, offices of large companies and the most beautiful buildings are located here – including parliament. In the capital, based on the shore of Lake Victoria in the XIX century, the elements of various cultures are traced in the architecture – European modern buildings, the tower of Indian temples, minarets of mosques, the dome of Christian cathedrals. The main attraction of the capital – Museum of Campala with an extensive collection of exhibits from the field of archeology, ethnography, music and science, and the most interesting feature of the museum is its meeting of traditional musical instruments, which allow you to play any visitor. Interesting Rubag Cathedral, and on the Casaubebee hill there are tombs "Kabaka" – Kings of Buganda, built in 1881 – huge traditional buildings from cane, fabric and bark, sacred for Ugandanites.

City of Jinja (60 km. northeast from Campala) is under the merger of Nile and Lake Victoria. The city attracts its old Asian style buildings, sufficiently unexpected in these places, which reflects the days when the city had a great Asian community and was one of the centers of Hinduism in Africa. This is one of those places over which Mahatma Gandhi bequeathed to dispel her ash. Not far from the city is the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Busoga – Bughembe. Rafting by "White water" Nile and canoe walks on numerous ducts between the islands of Lake Victoria leave unforgettable impressions of the tourists, especially since the local climate is one of the most "Healthy" in the country.

In Entebbe, there are quite extensive geological and zoological museums, the Botanical Garden, and the Aerop of the city is famous for the fact that it was here in 1976 as a result of a bold operation, the Israeli Commandos released more than 100 hostages from the aircraft captured by propalystinsky terrorists.

Sights of Uganda

Seish Islands – Group of 84 Picturesque Islands, located at the Northwestern Coast of Lake Victoria. Islands avoided the destructive impact of Ugandan’s civil wars and remain largely unspoiled by the demographic and industrial influence of a person. Their residents known as "Basis", form a separate breeding group with its own language, culture and folklore. All their life flows into fishing and growing coffee, the best sweet potatoes, cassav and bananas grow here. The main islands of the group – Buggala, Bufamira, Bukas, Bubek and Home – Harmitists and covered with thickets of thick forest with a large variety of tree breeds. Animals, the chance to come across which is very large, includes a variety of monkeys, hippos, crocodiles and many different types of birds, especially waterfowl. Islands are also a great place to catch fish and swimming (water around the islands of clean, cool and quite suitable for swimming and water sports), and a mild climate allows you to just lie in the sun or make hiking.

Lake Albert (Elbert or Mobutu Seis-Sex) – part of the East African zone of faults, which extends from the Middle East to Mozambique, from 1894 on the lake passes part of the border between Uganda and Congo. The best time to visit the lake – later morning, when fishing catches unfold on the shore between the boats and the lively bargain begins. One of the best places to watch this beautiful lake – Butiaba (250 km. north-west from campala), on the road that connects Campal with the area of ​​the lakes. The view from here on the shores of Alberta is completely exciting, most of the water area of ​​the lake is visible, and the blue mountains on the territory of the Congo, visible at a high distance, create a wonderful landscape design.

Sights of Uganda

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