Sights of Turkey

In the vicinity of the town of Pamukkale, there are three interesting sights at once. The first – excavation of the ancient city of Jerapolis and a big amphitheater. The second is a small pond, where in the legends once took the Baths of the queen Cleopatra. The third is travertines, outgoing calcium carbonate deposits.

Read in our article about the features of the excursion and the description of all these three interesting places.


Picturesque region in the central part of Turkey. Here, tourists are waiting for beautiful plains, cliffs of bizarre forms, unusual caves and cave monasteries. Separate entertainment is a flight above Cappadocia on a balloon.

Read in our article about the most interesting places of Cappadocia. Tips for tourists – What kind of excursion to choose and how can you get yourself.

Mount Takhtaly

Famous Mountain in the vicinity of Kemer. On the top is equipped with an observation deck for tourists. Upstairs leads the longest funicular. At the top of tourists are awaiting stunning views of Kemer and the Mediterranean Sea.

Read in our article about how to get, what kind of tour. And it is very important – how to dress, because at the top is not so warm, like on the beach at the hotel.

Antalya Museum and 10 best exhibits

The largest collection of historical artifacts on all south of Turkey. Here you will find stunning Roman statues, the richest collection of antique coins and a lot of interesting things.

Read the most necessary and important: how to get on the buses or how much taxi to the museum will cost. Opening hours, how much is the entrance ticket. A detailed overview of the top10 exhibits that need to see the Museum of Antalya.

Excavations of ancient cities

The ancient city of Ephesus

Once the largest city of Low Asia, who flourished during the times of the ancient Greeks and Byzantium. Here was the central temple of Artemis – the goddess of fertility. Over time, the Harbor Ephesus came into disrepair, and the city was empty.

Now tourists can see only one column from the temple of Artemis, a large amphitheater and the famous Cess Library. All the details in our article.

Excavations of the city of Troy

The famous Troy, famous by Homer and the former once the main cultural center of Malaya Asia. The first settlement here is dated 3000 year d.N.NS. Nowadays, this is one of the most popular places for excursions.

Read in our article: What interesting facilities are watching tourists here; What is the difference between Troy 1, 2, 3 – 9; How best to go to watch three, what excursion is better.

The ancient city of Perger

Excavations Perge are famous for the perfect amphitheater, the remnants of an ancient hippodrome and a huge number of statues that Turkey’s museums are now decorated.

Perge is well located just 15 kilometers from Antalya and 30 kilometers from Belek. Many tourists go here for taxi or dolmosha. How to get to what to see what kind of excursion, read in our article.

The ancient city of Aspandos

Excavations of the ancient city of Aspandos are just 20 kilometers from the resort of Belek, getting quickly and comfortable. Aspendos is famous primarily by the Amphitheater – a combination of Roman and Greek styles. Also, the aqueduct has been preserved well.

Read in our article: What to see interesting in Aspendos; the history of the city and legends; Detailed description of amphitheater.


Saint Sophie Cathedral

This is the most visited tourist attractions of Turkey, tourists here have already moved the mark of 3 million people per year. Once the main Christian temple of Byzantium and the largest in the world, he became a mosque after the conquest of the city of the Turks. Inside, you can see both Christian frescoes and Islamic Kiblu, Mihrab and Minbar.

Read important moments. How to plan a trip: Avoid giant queues in the peak season, how to get to what time to come. How much is the entrance for independent tourists, how much excursion how much "fast pass".

Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet)

Sultanahmet’s mosque is considered the most beautiful in Istanbul, and it only has six minarets. Built in the 17th century by Sultan Ahmed I, who after several military lesions wanted to "back up" Allah. Strikes inner decoration where the walls are lined with tiles from the isp.

Read the main points for tourists. How to get to the blue mosque, do you need to pay for the entrance, what hours are the best for inspection. We also paid much attention to the dress code, because it is not in every clothes you can get into the milean hall. And the question of where to give shoes that you need to remove at the entrance.

Palace Topkapi

From 15 to 18th century, Topkapi Palace was the residence of Sultanov and the main administrative center of the Ottoman Empire. Nowadays, he became the biggest museum in Turkey. Now in the pavilions all the main treasures of the palace, including the dagger Topkapi, a lovelist diamond, a collection of sultan weapons and Islamic relics.

Read in our review important moments. How to get to the palace, how to find entrance and cash registers. How much tickets cost to the palace and harem, in which hours the visit is open and when it is better to come. Watch a detailed map of the territory of the Palace with the designation of the main pavilions.

Grand Bazaar

The most famous bazaar in Turkey, and maybe all over the world. From the 15th century in this place there is a brush trade in tissues, gold and luxury objects. Nowadays, the Grand Bazaar was mainly reoriented to trading tourist goods. Even if you are not going to buy anything, it will be interesting to look at the range of goods.

Read in our article Main: How to get to the subway, how to find the entrance to the Grand Bazar, when it is more convenient to come to avoid a crowd of tourists. What precautions do not interfere, as well as about the problem of toilets on the Grand Bazaar.

Basilica tank

Underwater reservoir that once kept water for the Palace of Emperor Byzantium. Here you can watch columns with heads of jellyfish groans, as well as the "weeping column". Underground building is impressive with its size.

Read about how to find the entrance to the Basilica tank. How much is the entrance ticket, when it is better to come to not stand in the queue. What to pay attention inside and where you need to be especially careful.

Tower of Galat

This tower is located in the Galata area (Karaki), which is in the north of the Golden Horn. Despite the modest height of only 67 meters, it was the Galata Tower that is considered the main observation platform in Istanbul. From here it is beautifully seen by the historical part of the city, the Gulf of Golden Rog, you can see the main mosques.

Read in our review Main points. How to get to the Galat Tower, because it is not at all next to the subway. How much is the entrance, how long will have to stand in the queue, what hours of opening platform and restaurants.

Suliman Mosque

The famous mosque, built on the orders of Sultan Suleiman’s magnificent, also called "Suleimania". In the mausoleum next to the mosque, the body of the Sultan Suleiman himself and his beloved wife Hyrem. Both mausoleum are available for inspection by tourists, the milestone mosque also.

Read the main thing in our article: what are the hours of work, do you need to pay for the entrance to the mosque when it is more convenient to come here. But most importantly – how to get there, because there are no metro stations near the mosque, the easiest way to reach the tram station. How more to reach, read and watch photo instructions.

Archaeological Museum of Istanbul

In the Istanbul Museum collected the most interesting exhibits from all over the former Ottoman Empire. There is a magnificent sarcophagus, which was probably designed to Alexander Great. Here you can see the first in history written peace treaty.

Read in our review: how to get to the museum, how much is a ticket, what hours of work and what day at the museum is a day off. What exhibits need to be found, as well as our photo galleries of the most interesting items.

Maiden’s Tower

This small tower is only 18 meters high is in the Asian part of Istanbul on a tiny island 200 meters from the shore. Despite the modest sizes, the maiden tower and the embankment on the opposite became popular in the tourists. This place is rather for a measured rest, and not to explore the Turkish culture or history.

Read about why the maiden tower got such a name. How to get there and something to do on the embankment besides inspection of the tower. How much is it costs to fuse on an island with a tower and eat at a local restaurant.

Temples Apollo and Athens in Side

The temple of Apollon became one of the symbols of the Side Resort, although there are only 5 columns from him. If at least one day gathered in the center of Side, then it is necessary to see it. Inspection of temples are free.

Read the most important thing in our article: how to get on bushings (dolmushah), where what temple is looking for, to pay special attention to what else to see nearby. As well as a lot of interesting things from the history of the temples and the ancient city of Side.

Amphitheater and Archaeological Museum in Side

Amphitheater is the largest structure that preserved from the ancient city of Side. Once on the benches of the theater was placed up to 20 thousand spectators. The second large preserved construction is the Roman baths that have become a museum.

Read the important points in our article: how much is the entrance to the amphitheater and the museum, how to get on public transport and how much taxi costs. What other interesting objects see nearby.

Aquajoy Water Park in Side

One of the most interesting water parks on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. In the park 11 large slides for adults and a magnificent children’s zone, there is a rossing park and animation. But it will have to pay for these pleasures.

Read the details in our article: how to get on the bus, how much is a taxi, ticket price and what day is it better to come. As well as a description of all slides, including the best: "King Kobra" and "Uphill Navigator".

Waterfall Manavgat

Small but beautiful waterfall 3 kilometers north from Manavgata, 8 kilometers from Side. Get here easy to Dolmosh (minibus). You can simply see, but you can enjoy the noise of the waterfall under a cup of coffee or tea.

Read the details: How to get from the hotel where to make a transplant in Manavgate, how much is the entrance to the waterfall viewing area, how much do dishes and drinks in restaurants. As well as details about the second waterfall, where money does not take and there is no crowd of tourists.


Mount Hammer

A small mountain in the south of the region of Kemer, near the spa town of Chiral. Turkish name – Yanartash. Here, from the cleft in the rocks, gas comes out, which is burning, forming a natural "eternal flame".

Read all the details in our article: why the mountain is named as it is here to drive by public transport, how much is the entrance, how much do you have to go up to the mountain. And also about what excursions can you come here and how much it costs.


Tower Kyzyl Kule

This large protective tower once was the center of Alanya’s harbor defense center. Height – 33 meters, diameter – 29 meters, 5 floors. Now she has become a museum telling about the glorious past Alanya. Visitors can see the entire tower, including the top floor with braces.

Read our article the most important details and about the most interesting moments. How to get from hotels in Alanya and other resorts, how much is the entrance, what hours of work. What places inside pay attention to where the best views are opening, which rooms you need to see.

Excursion Demrem Mira-Kekova

City of the World and Church of St. Nicholas

The world was a major ancient city where Lycian civilization flourished. Now tourists are watching the picturesque rocky Lycian tombs and a big amphitheater.

In later times, in the era of the Byzantine Empire in the world, St. Nicholas lived in the world, there was his tomb here. Now there are no more power here, but there is the Church of St. Nicholas and his sarcophag. Read the details in our review.

Sights of Turkey

Kekova City, Ruins underwater

Ancient city, part of the ruins of which turned out to be flooded. This is a mysterious place where carved Lycian sarcophages stick out straight out of the water. The very place for many tourists pushes thoughts about the lost Atlantis.

Read in our article. Details of the excursion to the ruins of Kekova, how it is better to get here, and what can I see except flooded ruins.

Waterpark and Troy Dolphinarium


Famous Turkish Water Park in Belek Resort. Waterpark is known due to a huge wooden structure in the form of a Trojan horse. Excursions here are arranged from all resorts of the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey.

Read our description of all hills and entertainment in the water park Troy than here you can do, except for rolling on water slides. How much is the excursion, and when it is better to come.

Oceanarium and Dolphinarium

In addition to the water park, there is a small oceanarium with small sharks and skates. His visit for free for Visitors Water Park. Read about what marine animals here you can see.

Also in three there is a large dolphinarium, where you can see the show several times a day. Paying the show you need separately, or in advance to book a ticket when buying an excursion. Details in our article.


The best dishes of Turkish cuisine

9 Turkish dishes that we recommend trying while staying in Turkey. Few of them can be found at the Swedish table in the hotels of AI, you will have to look for a restaurant. But it is worth it.

The most famous – "business cards" of Turkish cuisine, the most colorful, and those dishes that the Turks eat every day – the true taste of Turkey. Read and choose what you like.

Turkish dishes similar to our

10 Turkish dishes that are very reminded or even just repeat our. There are stuffed peppers, and the Turkish version of the dumplings, and its kebab, and simple baked meat. These dishes are more common in the buffet.

Read the list and choose what is familiar. This article is mainly written for those tourists who in the restaurant wants to get guaranteed pleasure from the taste of food.

Turkish kebab

Almost any meat in Turkish cuisine is called the word "kebab". This is a huge "family" of dishes, the number of variations is calculated by hundreds, and maybe thousands.

Read about the Favorite Turks for the preparation of meat, the most popular and famous types of kebabs. Which of them are worth trying, and which will not give new emotions and impressions.

Turkish bureaishes

Bureaures are another huge "family" of Turkish dishes. This includes almost any pastries, usually disassembly. Here are the analogues of our pies, and Cheburekov, and very colorful cigars-Bares that have gained popularity as Street Food.

Read the Simple Classification of Burebs in Turkey. Which of them should try to understand the tastes of the Turks. What bosales our tourists know perfectly well.

The best cheeses of Turkey

What cheese love the Turks, which is considered the best and respect the most? What Turkish cheeses must be tasted? What can be brought home? Read the answers, see prices and descriptions of Turkey’s best cheeses.

And you know that in Turkey there is cheese with the name "Mikhalych"? By the way, the cheese is delicious, we highly recommend it, in the photo next. Also read about serum and fresh cheese, which in Turkey consider one of the best.

Eastern sweets

Top Turkish sweets

10 of the most delicious desserts of Turkey. What can I try only in the restaurant? What can be found at the buffet AI? What can I buy in the store and bring home as a delicious souvenir?

Read the most interesting: prices for Turkish sweets; how to buy which varieties to choose; The history of appearance and legends; How to make every dish on etiquette.

Halva in Turkey

What types and varieties of halva are found in Turkey? What role Halva plays in the culture of Turks, and what are interesting traditions? Where to buy the best and how to choose? Read the answers in our article.

And also about what in Turkey is customary to cook halva, and do it makes Turkish mistresses independently. What types here are traditionally expensive, what are the cheapest and affordable.

Lukum in Turkey

Lucum Turks consider their invention, and there is a documentary evidence. Soft sugar pieces that melt in the mouth. However, not every bite in stores in Turkey just such. How to buy just such? Read in our article.

As well as what forms and tastes are most popular with the Turks themselves, and which prefer to sell exclusively to tourists. How much is a good bow, how and where to buy it.

Pakhlava in Turkey

Another sweetness that is invented in Turkey, and there is a documentary evidence. Once Sultan treated the Pahlava of his Janichar, and the inaccessors of the Ottoman Empire of Pakhlava was not available because of the high costs.

Now this sweetness is loved in Turkey everywhere, although some varieties are still quite expensive. How to choose Pahlav, what kind of variety to choose to bring home the best gift. Read in our article.

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