Sights of Turkey: Soganla Valley

One of the most exciting sights of South Urgyupa – Valley Soganla (Soganli), named by the name lying in the very center of the village of the same name (actually these are two settlements – top Yukara Soganla and Lower Ashagy Soganla) 5 km west of the road from Urgyupa to Eshilchisar.

These hard-to-reach valleys have been inhabited since the early Byzantine Empire until the XIII century, and therefore local churches and frescoes of the IX-XIII centuries are considered one of the best preserved in the region. The most interesting of them are located in the Northern Valley – Kübbeli Kilis ("Church with dome", Perhaps the most beautiful of all Cappadocian rocky churches), Sakla Kilis ("Hidden church") with frescoes depicting apostles, Meriem Ana (Church of the Virgin) with a four-phase chapel with unusual frescoes of clearly iconobor, Yilani ("Church of Snake") with Greek and Armenian inscriptions on the walls as well Karabasi ("Church of the black head") with two chapels and frescoes X-XI centuries.

Sights of Turkey Valley Soganla

In the South Valley deserve attention Gayikla Kilisa ("Church with deer") and Barbara Kilisa – The only separate area of ​​the area of ​​the region, divided into two parts of the transverse arch (the inscription detected here allows you to date the complex at the beginning of the X century).

Sights of Turkey Valley Soganla

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