Sights of Turkey: Terminosos

34 km west of Antalya, in the narrow valley of the river Karaman, heated between low mountain grains, lies one of the most significant ancient cities in Turkey – Terminososos.

Mentioned in "Oriade" Homer as "Solim – the birthplace of fierce pesidiev", Bellorophone fought with, he was one of the few cities of Malaya Asia, who did not conquer Alexander Macedon, successfully reflecting the storming of 333 years before. NS. In the time of the Roman Empire, Terminosos was independent, but kept close ties with Rome and in the end existed to the XIII century almost without destruction. The ancient city of the fortress itself lies above its modern namesakes (however, in the spatrificity of the Turks call him Boekkay), on the slope of the Göllyuk mountain (1110 m), within the Göllyuk-Dag National Park. He was abandoned by all data very early, probably after a terrible earthquake of 243 years. NS. and since then practically did not roll – all his monuments are preserved at the same form, in which they were many centuries ago.

Sights of Turkey Termersos
  • Archaeological site, Terminososos
  • Amphitheater, Terminoshos

Archaeological site Terminosososa (open daily from 7.30 to 19.30, entrance to the reserve – 4 TRY, entrance directly to the city’s territory – another 4 TRY) is quite difficult and now. To visit it, the presence of a strong shoe and stock of water is very recommended, since it will have to scrambled up. Many well-cleaned and marked ancient ruins fall along the way (mostly inaccessible due to access difficulties), among which the aqueduct and tanks, as well as numerous defensive posts. Most of the interesting objects of the city focuses along the so-called King Road – two rows of urban walls, many stones of old buildings, including gymnasiums with a complex of Term, a beautiful theater (one of the largest and well-preserved in Turkey), Agora with an unknown mausoleum, Odeon (Small Theater, also used as a hippodrome) and four temples (only the sanctuary of Zeus Solimus is in a decent state). After the development of the road, the left trail goes to an ancient necropol, most of the graves of which dated I-III centuries. NS. Several fortress towers rises above the cemetery, from which a magnificent panorama of the surroundings opens. And on the second track you can go to the so-called "Mogile Akatusa", In the bas-reliefs of which all elements of military equipment of that time are traced.

Sights of Turkey Termersos

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