Sights of Turkey: Prien

Archaeological site (open daily from 8.00 to 18.30, winter closes in 17.30, entrance – 2 TRY) Lies a few hundred meters to the north-west of Gullubahce village (Gullubahce).

You can climb here directly on the road, which takes to the northeastern gates of the Old Town, almost immediately, at which the boletides opens (the building of the city council, the most intact sample of such a building in Turkey), lying below the temple of Zeus, Agora and Sacred Staa (long open Galleries-colonnades with one or two rows of columns that served in places of walks, the front halls of urban celebrations or theatrical lobby), gymnasiums and the stadium, which will already have to descend along the stairs, as well as a rich residential quarter of a little west (the walls of some houses here have a thickness to 1.5 meters, and recently open stairs prove that in antiquity they had at least two floors).

The most famous monument of the city – the temple of Athena Pallades – lies with two terraces above the main residential street. The temple was built more than two centuries, its main "sponsor" Alexander Macedonian himself was, and after the end of construction, he was considered the embodiment of the ionic style, and its proportions and the construction methods were used as standard even in Roman times. North of the temple, literally hiding among the pines on the highest terrace of the city, lie the sanctuary of Demeters and the bark, which are 1.5-2 centuries older than any other facility (however, and they are much worse than others).

Theater lying a bit southeast, as if preserved in a contrast in excellent condition. It is the brightest feature of five high marble tones for municipal dignitaries. However, the scene itself was rebuilt by the Romans in the II century. NS. – In fact, the only later intervention in the appearance. Behind the theater, the Ruins of the Byzantine Basilica can be found, from which the narrow path can be climbed to Acropolis, lying on a rocky ledge, known as Telonya. The road here passes by the ruins of akwalk and tanks, and then begins to climb enough steep zigzags on the cliff, so the rise to the Acropolus is difficult to call a light walk.

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Prion – Antique City in Turkey. The city on the slope of the mountain is empty. Huge area of ​​ruins is lost among fallen pine needles. Columns of the temple of Athens Pallades, who consecrated Alexander Macedonian read more →

Sights of Turkey Prien

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