Sights of Turkey: Pottery

Located literally on the other side of the rocky crest, three valleys of potions (Zelve, 3 km from the road Avanos – Chavushin) hide another unique historical monument – rock monastery Pottery, Since 1967, having the status of the open-air museum (open daily from 8.30 to 17.30, Login – 5 TRY).

  • Rock monastery in potion
  • Valley potion
  • Entrance to the monastery

The beginning of the settlement of the complex refer to II-V centuries. NS., However, in the XI-XIII centuries, the Christians who came here turned a number of residential caves in the church and Celi, and a monastery arose, whose churches Yosyml ("Church of grape crose", VIII-IX BB.), Balyk ("Fishes") and heychals ("Deer") Preserved to this day. Caves were inhabited by people until 1952, and only the threat of destruction of many arches forced them to move them to 2 km south, in the village of Yeni-Pokil.

Sights of Turkey Potrev

Therefore, visiting the rock complex, despite its uniqueness, is quite limited – many tunnels and caves are simply dangerous. However, even open areas are enough to assess the scale of the whole complex. In addition to the already mentioned churches, you can see a small mosque here (approximately XIV in.) With Michrab, partially carved from the cliff, the churches of Director (Languages ​​of Kilis), Waftisals and Hackla (all – VII – X BB.), a mill connecting two valleys of the tunnel, as well as many residential and economic buildings.

2 km north of Pokil is the most picturesque of all Cappadocian valleys – Pashbaj, also known as the valley of monks. Numerous "Peribadzalary" ("Magic chimneys", or "Fireplaces Fey", As these amazingly picturesque remains are called local residents) in the form of stone mushrooms and pillars of bizarre forms here almost the entire valley. In one of them, there is a chapel dedicated to Simeon to the Stalnik, and a hundred meters to the east of the chapel – a niche choke with an inscription "Take me, grave", considered the burial site of this saint.

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Sights of Turkey Potrev

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