Sights of Turkey: Personal Experience

Istanbul sights: better buy tickets in advance

In Topkapi and Sophia, I recommend buying tickets in advance online (name is not remembered. – But in Yandex is at times) – it can be abbomized to save time. And if you buy – to every fireman Keep electronic copies of tickets on the smartphone (well, or as an option, write down the order number).

In Dolmabach, many do not advise many as the entrance is carried out by groups on schedule – that is, there is a sense of the normal queue at the entrance, you joyfully go through and rest in another same. In general, in conditions of limited time is not the best alternative. But, however, this is a season (on May, for example) – so in your case you can try.

2.5 day program in Istanbul

Monastery complex in Gorem: prices

This museum is a monastic complex. It consists of several churches of various sizes, two rather large monasteries – one female, the second – male. As well as auxiliary farm buildings – kitchens, dining and tons.D.

The entrance costs 15 lire and includes a visit to the church with a buckle located slightly below the road. Also for 5 lire you can rent an audio guide. Among languages ​​present our. Near each exhibit there is a number that can be entered into the guide, after which it will start its story. Small cheat that can help. Audio-guide rental includes "Sleepy" Headset. At the rate of what will take on a guide per person. But having normal headphones with you, you can safely replace the museum headset and use one device for two and save the amount sufficient to buy four kilograms of tangerines.

Vialand in Istanbul: better not in winter

I advise, especially families with kids, visit the newly discovered Disneyland. Of course, in Vialand there is no scope, like in Paris, but still impressive. Especially to take into account that they built it in 2 years, plus not all work is completed, as I understood. Missing some external arrangement. But this is a matter of time.

Vialand is 30 minutes from the center of Istanbul – in the AyuP area. Free buses from different points of town come here, the schedule is at the bottom of the post. A pleasant bonus will be a huge shopping center on several floors with 250 stores and cafes. But my advice is still eager for adrenaline here not in winter, wind and penetrating cold will not allow to enjoy completely + part of the attractions will be closed for the same reason.

You are planted on the top road, and then the minibus is descending the floor below, there is a distance of their parking. On the right hand – shops, and ahead – Disneyland himself.

Ticket price: Adults and children from 12 years old – 55 lire (about 20 euros), children under 12 years old – 44 lines, there are some group and family prices.

Sea to Cogntes (Antalya)

The sea in Cogntes is cleaner and more pleasant than anywhere else. But the approach is uncomfortable, pebbles, there are very large places. Purchase of special shoes solves the problem.

The beach there is public, but there are no people on weekdays. On weekends a lot of local. Women bathe in clothes, as it should be placed by faithful Muslims.

Galat Bridge in Istanbul

Galat Bridge – Bridge over the Bay of the Golden Horn, which connects the old and new part of the European side of Istanbul. It connects the areas of Emino and Karaki. The bridge is divided into two parts, between which the passage for ships remains. Each part is a two-level, on the first level there are fish restaurants with no cheap prices and a pleasure zone. The second level of the bridge is the road for cars and a high-speed tram line. On the sides of the road – the sidewalks, on which fishermen crowd all year round, catch and immediately sell fresh fish.

Near the Galat bridge is always crowded, here I am a berth of Eminian, from where the boats go to the Asian side of Istanbul, on the Bay of the Golden Rog and for Bosphorus walks. There are also floating kitchens – large boats at the pier, which despite their size dizzyfully swing on the waves. These "Kitchen" Tightly tied to the banks of the ropes, but be prepared for easy equilibristics, when you pay for Emmec (Belek Ekmek, fish sandwich) and getting it out of the hands of one of the chefs


In the same way everything is saturated with tourists.

Especially acute we felt it in the open-air museum in Museum (Goreme Open Air Museum). This is the largest monastery complex in Cappadocia and the most visited.

So much buses and so much people in all capadokia never met. The cost of visiting the museum 15 lir, the entrance is automated by turnstiles, and tickets are equipped with barcodes. The museum works until 17-00, and for half an hour there is no one no one, it should be borne in mind. And better come in the morning when people are much smaller. We were in the afternoon and on ourselves felt all the charms of mass tourism: the crowd of the people just stood before the churches, and to get inside it was necessary to defend the turn, and hitting inside, you still find yourself in a crowd. Therefore, we examined the museum not in order, but on the principle "Let’s go there while there is no one there".

The museum is under the protection of UNESCO, because here in one small place is located about ten rocky churches and monasteries died by ancient persecute Christians in the 10th century. And not just dug in the caves, and still decorated with arches, columns and frescoes.

There is a refectory with a long table and benches, different churches, called on the depicted frescoes – the church with an apple because of the Archangel of Mikhail Red Ball depicted in the hand, similar to the apple, the church with a snake, the church of St. Katerina, on the walls of which the scenes from her life are depicted, the church of St. Varvara, where two types of drawings are visible – frescoes with the lips of saints and red animal drawings made by okra, when it was forbidden to portray the saints in the form of people, they were portrayed in the form of animals, for example, locust – the evil symbol and the image of Satan.

But the pearl is a dark church. The entrance to the Dark Church costs an additional 8 lire, in addition to 15 for a shared ticket. But it’s worth it.

How to find a honey valley in Cappadocia

On the map, as you can see, the Valley of Love, Love Valley, stretched out of scientiser to the gayama and further:

Famous mega-pussy are stationed at the upper end, which is closer to the gayama, and we approached the car for a couple of times. But now the task was – to go through the whole valley of the whole, and I found that it would be strategically more profitable to start a trip from the opposite end, from the scientiser. There, it seems like a hill, but in the direction of the gayama, the terrain decreases, and this, according to my calculations, gave us the opportunity to turn the whole road under the slide – so it is quite nicer.

The complexity was to find an entrance to the valley. If someone is not in the subject, I explain: the valley in Cappadocia is such an oblong hole in the ground. Length – a few kilometers, width – meters 100-200, but most importantly – the walls of the height of meters 50. That is, go down without climbing equipment possible not everywhere. On the map, everything is simple with the entrance, but you see what kind of map.. ))

But we were lucky, our Turkish manager was not only local, but also worked in tourism, and therefore all the objects of the tourist show knew on the top five. When he first grew up about the Valley of Love first, he was rummaged to deliver us directly to Pissuals, but when I saw a snake to the pile of my finger on the map – I immediately smaked in what the chip.

In principle, turning to the right from the road Görem-Sciraisar to find it is easy, it seems to be one, not a little, not to do not reach the scientiser. There is even a sign: a couple of small buildings. And then, if we were without our sussanin, there would be a problem. Rolling on this track, we drove past these buildings and went further in the middle of the peasant gardens. The road, as expected, almost immediately became a primer. Go there, probably, not more than a couple of minutes, but by car and in a couple of minutes you can leave far.. )) How did our driver find the way among these same branching primers we did not understand, but he delivered us to place, yes.

Coming out of the car, we immediately saw the desired hole in the earth, and she was beautiful. 🙂 Our Turks called us to the edge and pointed out forward and down. This is, – he said, – Honey Valley (he spoke English), is called so because of the color of the walls. We looked – the truth, the logic of iron: the stone walls mostly were a pleasant yellow shade, as if the truth was fought by honey. But the guide continued: You go here, go to the right, turn there, pass the honey valley, there will be White Valley, the White Valley (his hand pointed out everything to the right, where the yellow tones were replaced by white), go, well, and then there further Already will be Love Valley, Valley of Love.

Mentally we supplemented the existing scheme

And on google maps, if I needed correctly, it can be displayed about so.

What is not very clear? Well then my commander’s salary is so. If you get there – do not go there, take a language from local. The easiest way to take a taxi – they are bileed there with a herd in the center of Görema – and ask to take into a honey valley, that is, either in Hani Vaeley (in aglitski), or in the Ball of Vadisi (in Turkish).

How to get to the ancient city of Anmuruma

If you eat by bus from Alanya, it makes sense to ask you to put you on a turn for a mountain varnish, not reaching the anamura. On the southern tip of this mountain range walking along the sea, and is an ancient Anemurium.

Sights of Turkey Personal Experience

Anemurium is 7 km from the modern Anamura, public transport is no longer available, so it needs to be obtained or on a taxi, or knock the fellow.

How to get to the Giant Aquarium (Istanbul)

Get to the aquarium is very simple. Need to sit at Sirkeggi Station for any train and get to the Floria Stop. Time in the way about 40 minutes.Get to Floria, descend from the station and go on foot in the opposite direction along the highway towards the aquarium. There are signs – do not get lost to go for 10-15 minutes.

Tickets are 68 lir for a family of three.

Fethiye – fabulously beautiful edge

Located on the Mediterranean coast (between Marmaris and Antalya), the resort of Fethiye is a real pearl, little known to our compatriots. Here are resting mainly by the British, thereby creating excellent comfort and quality service.

The natural beauty of this edge amazes imagination: turquoise sea, emerald islands and islands, approaching the mountains, covered with pine and cedar forests, secluded turquoise coves, golden sandy beaches. Top 5 * Hotels (Hillside Beach Club, Lykia World, Majesty Tuana Club) Promotently located in beautiful bays outside the city. Beautiful Turkey Beach – Oludeniz – is 15 km from Fethiye Resort. A wide braid of golden sand is crashed into the azure water of the bay framed by the swords and olives by the mountains. In Oludenize there are excellent 4 * hotels with private beaches in the Blue Lagoon Reserve. Fethiye offers a lot of active classes: Paraglider Sports (in Oludeniz), Diving and Windsurfing, Rafting (Dalyan River), Sea Kayaking, Quadrobyking, etc. Popular excursions include: Voyage on the schooner in the valley of butterflies, cruise to the blacksmithing beach, cruise around 12 islands of the Bay of Gychka, tour in the Saklycant gorge, a trip to Pamukkale and the ancient Greek city Ephesus, a cruise on a meteoreor to the island of Rhodes.

The sea in Fethiye is very affectionate, the bathing season begins at the end of May (air: 27c, the sea: 22c) and lasts until the end of October (air and the sea: 24c).

The natural beauty of this region is protected by the state, so high-altitude construction is prohibited here and there are many reserved forests, islands and beaches. On this coast is the longest beach of Turing – Patars: 20 kilometers of white sand with real dunes and vegans. And in the Dalya there is a skipping beach, where eggs are put off the giant sea turtles in June.

Fethiye is waiting for everyone who would like to discover other Turkey and spend idyllic vacation in natural paradise. I live here for 4 years and almost turned into aborigine.

Excursions from Marmarisa

I had a tour operator "Tez Tur". It was unhappy with the fact that the guide is impossible to catch at the hotel (Marmaris, Flamingo 4 *). Or you are planning to meet all the excursions in the first meeting, or then the guide will catch the invisible and often changing hours of visiting the hotel. I think in large hotels with this better.

Guides on excursions – excellent! Turks say well in our, extremely benevolent. Meeting – Airport – at the level.

I was on excursions:

1. Turkish bath (Hamam) OK. $ 30, 2.5 hours – very advise. "Tez Tur" I drove us into the bath in Ichmeler (10 minutes by car), I liked the place. Turks grated soap well, I didn’t move almost myself, almost on my hands wearing on the bath. All procedures are pleasant (foam, peeling, mask, oil massage).

2. Aegean Sea – about. Cleopatra, OK. $ 40, from 8 am to 6 pm, lunch is included in the price. I liked it – sea walk on a two-tier boat, entering 2-3 bays, swimming. Island itself – 2 hours, awesome species, magnificent water, famous sand. You will have great photos 🙂

4. Pamukkale + Antique city of heieropolis, 5 am – 7 pm, $ 65. Calculated on the way – 1.5 hours, you are leaving very early – at five in the morning, you come to the place in the heat, it’s hard to walk on ruins. But, according to – one of the required places. Moreover, Marmaris, Ichmeler are closest to these places. From Antalya to go and that longer. Polatra pool – pleasant, water contains half of Mendeleev (extra $ 20, you will not regret it).

Also lovers to dance recommend visit Bar Street – OK. 10-15 bars / clubs, free entrance. I liked Joy, Crazydaisy, Greenhouse. Back to leave hard – taxis minimum of $ 20, public transport does not go. Try to cling to any bus to close to your hotels.

As a holiday destination Marmaris, I recommend young people who love clubs, better in the company from 2 people, then enough hotel 3-4 *. There are hotels 5 *, everything is included, it seems too at the level.

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