Sights of Turkey: Jennet-ve-jenen

About 20 km northeastern Silifeca is a young and fast-growing resort settlement Narray, In the center of which the Roman term ruins have been preserved with mosaic (entrance – 2 TRY).

3 km above the Mountains lies the cave complex Jennet-ve-jenen (Approximate translation – "Caves of Heaven and Hell", Access is possible only during the day, the cost of visiting – 2 TRY) – one of the most impressive rock complexes, in abundance of scattered on this coast.

Sights of Turkey Jennet-ve-jenen
  • Gorge Jennet Dresa
  • The ruins of the monastery
  • Glazing Mountains

Jennet Dresa ("Cave of Heaven") actually represents a gorge of a depth of 70 meters, turning into Typhoon Maison ("Cave Typhon", This mythical giant was considered a native of these places), in the depths of which the underground stream begins, feeding the keys to a narrative. Since in ancient times, Typhoon Magrais was considered one of the entrances to Aid, at the entrance to the cave, on the site of the ancient temple of Zeus, the Byzantines were built the chapel of the Virgin Mary, well-preserved to the present day. 100 meters north lies Jehenne Dresa ("Cave Ad"), representing a practically vertical well. According to the legends, it was here that Zeus held in the conclusion of a stallet tiphon before sending it to the eternal reference to Tartar (it is interesting that a small village lying down just below the slope is still called tyrtar). 500 meters to the West is the fourth large cave – Dick-Maison ("Wish cave"), specially expanded to facilitate access and equipped with a spiral staircase, with a total length of about 200 meters.

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