Sights of Turkey: Aspendos

45 km east of Antalya lies an ancient city – Aspanda, Now more often called aspandos (the Turks call this area of ​​Belkis).

On this settlement, it is known that it was the only late colony of Argyiwan in Pamphilia, based, as scientists suggest, in the X-VIII centuries before. NS. In the V century BC. NS. Aspanda is already the main city of Pamphilia, but the real glory brings to him 469 before. NS., When a bloody battle at the mouth of the nearby River Eurymedon (now – Köprew) ended in the first victory of the Greek fleet. After the death of Alexander Macedonsky in 323 BC. NS. Aslands became part of the Empire of Seleucidov, and later absorbed in Pergam. In 133 to n. NS. The city is part of the Roman province of Asia and turns into an important shopping center, rich at the expense of salt. In this way, it remains under Byzantine, but the Arab raids of the VII century undermine its economy – during the villagers, this is just a market center, and in the XVIII century the city leaves people at all.

  • Amphitheater Aspanda
  • Aqueduct
  • Canyon Köpirulu

Such a long and relatively selfless story led to the fact that town (Open daily from 8.00 to 19.00, input 10 TRY) retained the many of its ancient monuments almost not destroyed. The main attraction is huge theatre (built by the Romans on the site of the Ellinsky complex in II in. N. NS.), which is best preserved in Malaya Asia and still used for the annual opera and ballet festival. It is believed that it was here for the first time the theatrical curtain (still – the capacity of the structure was more than 20 thousand people, so it was impossible to hide the identity of the characters in the usual way), and for the first time the theater "Rose of land", turning into a full-fledged building, and not in comfortably adapted for the spectacle irregularity of the relief, as was during the Greeks. Therefore, many scientists consider this theater with a prototype of the Colosseum and other Roman ADs of the late period.

Sights of Turkey Aspendos

Also preserved acropolis with Nimfehem, Basilica, Many other roman buildings and original urban drainage system. Special attention deserves Rome aqueduct – It was he who, according to local legends, was "Competit" The theater on the splash of construction (the local ruler allegedly promised to give his daughter Semiramid married the architect, whose structure will be better). And this is not surprising – the most complicated system of watercourses with a total length of about 15 km supplied water to aspand from nearby mountains, and to cross the valley, was equipped with a cunning Sylphon System.

And above the flow of Kepery begins Canyon National Park Köpriyul (Koprulu Kanyon Milli Parki) with its eponymous gorge, Roman bridges of Owuk and Bogrum, as well as the ruins of the once mighty of the ancient city of Zelege high in the mountains, near the modern village, or Altynkaya (Zerk, Altinkaya).

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