Attractions Tunisia: Carthage

The north of the respectable region of La Gulelett, 35 km from the capital, are the ruins of ancient carfagen (founded in 814 g. to N. NS.) – the capital of one of the great states of antiquity.

Here was the center of the Trade Empire of the Phoenicians, which included almost all the Mediterranean, there were trading paths through Sahara and West Asia, the famous battles of Punic Wars threatened here and the great empires flourished.

To this day here, on the slopes of the hill of the Birs, the ruins are preserved Term Antonina Kia – One of the largest resort complexes of that time is inferior in size only by the terms of Trajan in Rome, numerous Roman villas, residues Capitolia, Amphitheater per 50 thousand. Spectators, reservoirs and 70-kilometer aqueduct, Passed into the Carthage from the Temple of Water in Sigvan, an ancient cemetery on the site of Tanita and Baal temples (Ammon), as well as numerous antique port facilities stretched along the entire coast. Most of the facilities of the ancient period are very destroyed.

From later eras left the ruins of numerous Byzantine churches, the Cathedral Cen Louis (1890 g.) in the back chasso which is located the National Museum, Cathedral St. Cyprian and Lavizher Museum.

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Sights of Tunisia Carthage

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Carthage, Tunisia – The Terms of Anthony Fii

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Carthage, Tunisia – Architecture Park, Birca Hill

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Sights of Tunisia Carthage

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