Sights of the United Arab Emirates

Undoubtedly, most tourists go to the UAE with commercial purposes. But besides excellent conditions for trade and business, the country can boast others, no less attractive moments. The main heritage of the UAE is a bright sun of 360 days a year and a warm clean sea, fascinating desert landscapes with oases and zones "Red sands", Silent "Vadi" (dried estates of rivers) and multi-meter dunes, rocky tops of the al-Hajar array, a few lakes of volcanic origin and fantastic color palette of landscapes. Climate Features allow you to stay by the sea even in the midst of winter. Coral reefs attract their flora and fauna underwater world, and the Persian Gulf Coast is famous for golden sands and exceptional water transparency. The most advanced hotels on the seafront offer tourists pools and landscaped hotel beaches, equipped with everything necessary. Numerous markets and duty-free areas that are considered one of the most "Rich" on the coast of the Persian Gulf.

Emirate Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi ("Father Gazelle", Arab.) – the largest of seven emirates (66% of the UAE Square). The emirate consists of the actual city of Abu Dhabi, performing the metropolitan functions of the country, and Oasis cities of Al-Ain (140 km from Abu Dhabi) and Liva (245 km). In these places, people already lived 4 thousand. years ago, about which numerous archaeological finds say.

Emirate Dubai

Emirate Dubai ("Sanchalnaya hatched from the larvae", Arab.), located on the Persian Gulf Coast, is the largest transport and shopping mall of the Middle East. In the emirate there are a large port complex, more than 160 most fashionable hotels, incredible number of shops, restaurants and entertainment establishments.

Dubai city is divided by the bay of the Choj Dubai (Creek) for three large areas – the beach area of ​​Jumeira, the North Business Diewn area and the Southern region of Bar-Dubai, where the Palace of Emir, Head offices of most companies and banks, and port. In the center of Al-Hadzhar mountain range, geographically owned by the Emirate of Dubai, is located mountain resort of Hutta.

Emirate Sharjah

Emirate Sharjah ("East", Arab.) is located on the Persian Gulf Coast, separated from the oak bay al-Khan. The capital of the Emirate – the city of Sharjah – Lies only 13 km from Dubai. It is very "non-alcoholic" Emirate, in which the most strict traditional norms of Islam. The best resort area of ​​the Emirate – Corfakkan.

Emirate Ajman

Ajman takes only 0.3% of the total territory of the country and is 8 km north of the city of Sharjah and is completely surrounded by the territory of this Emirate. This is the only emirate on the territory of which it was not found oil, as well as the manufacturer of ships and first-class pearls known since the ancients. The capital of the Emirate, the city of Ajman, is the residence of the Emir and the focus of the main commercial organizations. Ajman is a relatively poor Emirate, and the hotel construction is carried out very slowly. There are still not so many placement objects here, although there are already well-known world hotel chains (for example, Kempinski).

Emirate Ras El Highma

Emirate Ras-El Highma ("Tent Tent", Arab., area of ​​only 1700 kV. KM.) – the northernmost and most fertile of the country’s emirates. The capital of the Emirate – the city of Ras El Highness, is considered the ancient city of the country.

Sights of the United Arab Emirates

But the main attractions of the Emirate are dispersed outside the capital. Thousands of tourists attract hot springs and balneological resort Hatt, as well as the biggest old city of Emirate – Digdaga, Extensive reservoirs among palm groves in Wadi Azima, Tombs and settlement of the Iron Century in Wadi Kavr And the Green Boots of Hajar.

Emirate Umm Al-Kuwaine

Emirate Umm Al-Kuwaine ("source of power", Arab.) It takes only 1% of the country’s territory and differs from the rest of the Emirates strongly cut off the coastline. In the capital of the Emirate – Umm al-Al-Kuwaine, there are several sights.

Emirate Fujaira

Emirate Fujairah is located on the coast of the Oman Gulf, right in the heart of the Hadzhar mountains. The pride of the Emirate is sandy beaches and mountainous capes, picturesque gorges, many mineral springs and greens, as well as one of the best places in the country for scuba diving at the entrance to the Ormuz Strait. Emirate coral reefs are attractive for diving and diving lovers and diving.

Modern city Fujairah stretches along the coast. In the vicinity of Fujairak attract attention Al-Biatia Mosque (1600 g., 30 km north of the city), the former Palace of Emir Fujaire – Al-Hayle Fortress (8 km to the southwest), the most east fort of the country – Al-bit (1735 g., 28 km west Fujairah), destroyed fort with a small reservoir and palm grove in Wadi Dafta, Ancient Dibba, famous "Suk Al-Jumaa" (Friday market) on the border of Sharjah and Fujairah, as well as three reserved zones – Al-Vurraya waterfalls, Gardens Ain al-Madhab and Hot sulfur sources of Al-Gamur.

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