Sights of the United Arab Emirates: Personal Experience

– Burge Califa tickets are better to purchase in advance, either on the Internet, on the website Burj Khalifa, or just a couple of days before the planned visit, ride on the subway at Dubai Mall and buy them in a special office, in this case the price will be four times cheaper.

– Climbing the viewing area is best closer in the late afternoon, more precisely, to five o’clock, so you can look at Dubai during the day, at sunset and at the light of the moon. A lot of time it will not take, because it darkens here very quickly.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Small "Venice" in Abu Dhabi

On arrival at the hotel, we were waiting for another surprise. Arabs have a feature to hide all her fairy tales under externally unattractive deaf facades. Never guess what awaits you inside. And we, it turns out, was waiting for a small Venice – the system of channels inside the group of hotels, with the bodies from them, do not understand how and where to be hidden before. We were not rolled out somewhere, pushed some kind of door, and turned out to be in such a courtyard.

The boat arrived here, and we did not get into it climbed.

Mysterious scan (and! My lights!) "gondolier" Brought us to the paradise. (It turned out that the boats are free).

In fact, it was a small "Suk" – Not Mall, not a market, but a relax zone for tourists from several neighboring hotels with shops, restaurants and souvenir bears. In it, of course, you can get from the road, and from the lagoon, but we came here so exotic. From the side of the lagoon, however, no less exotic came – Marina was discovered there.

We wandered the bake, looked around the restaurants, but they realized that it was seriously impossible in such a heat. Therefore, we bought a watermelon, a little cherry with the size of a plum, and safely sailed into our nest.

Ferrari World Amusement Park in Abu Dhabi

Well, we are on the island of Yas. Futuristic construction – a hotel that comes straight on the racing track, a fifteen five star. If you go only to the race, it is located perfect, and Ferrari Park is within walking distance. If there was some excursion inside, or just the entrance fee for seeing, maybe we would be curious, although there was a heat for 40. But the driver told us that the track was open only in the days of racing. If we consider that the race itself takes three days a year, then sheikh, of course, are unrealistic steep, so dust with money. I looked from curiosity now on the site their calendar – Grand Prix in a few days, but there are still some running and bicycle competitions.

Ferrari Park, and more precisely Ferrari World Amusement Park, located right next to the autodrome. Won seemed its stylized red roof with a world-famous logo.

As it should be among the Arabs, this park is the largest thematic park in the world. New – opened exactly three years ago, November 4, 2010. Design resolved in such a technogenic style with branded Ferrarian inclusions.

Inside – paradise after the street and exhibition of Ferrari cars, from serial, to real racing cars. Such a Pon’s Motor Show of the same brand, and, as it turned out, the world’s largest outside the Ferrari headquarters. Here, however, it turned out that we decorated the overwhelming majority of photos with their satisfied friends on the background of machines))) for the scenes remained, in particular, the first and last racing stables bar. So I show only a little surviving. Shards galleries. Sorry)

In general, the park is full of all faiths for all ages. First, of course, a bunch of entertainment associated with the brand and team Ferrari. There are cinema halls where films about the story of the brand, about the secrets of the plant, missing races, there is a bunch of opportunities to charging something – from children’s radio-controlled machines to fastening racing simulators imitating the cockpit of a car. There is a racing paddock – he is at the very beginning of the post.

Sights of the UAE Personal Experience

Here are small children, in full confidence that she herself taxes, rides the rail among Italian landscapes. Then here, then all sorts of cathedrals and other colosuses appear on the parties. The area of ​​the attraction is healthy, tops are laid at the top and you can simply slowly walk around and admire Italian sights. This thing is called G-Force.

This is a pipe, she’s on the street, as in a hole from the bagel, there in the middle there is a rod, they write more than 60 meters high, and the armchairs are attached to it. Vaughn around the perimeter – astronauts))

Sit down in the chair, fasten, and you shoot up, for all this height. Mary believes in miracles, Mary goes to heaven. ))) There on the inertia they hang up some time up-down, then omit. The upper end of the rod is above the roof, so you can enjoy the views (they are true, niking). Pretty adrenaline, although there are rides and farthetern. And glasses would wash them, from the inside the attraction this glass is dirty.

I had a persistent feeling that Arabs adore to be photographed. There was no save from this company, they actively demanded and posed. I do not feel sorry, they want world fame – here.

And this is the most delicious raismina Park – the fastest American hill in the world. Acceleration up to 240 km / h in 4.9 seconds.

You want my feelings? You won’t get them. Not knowing the future, we immediately attempted in one of the numerous restaurants. We were already in line, which was standing above the start. And in a moment, when this Bolidine under ultrasonic screech flew out from under his feet, I realized that I ate in vain. Their mulubs on the rails strengthened me in my suspicions. So only a photo.

But at the end there was a small, but spectacular show, naturally, on the topic of racing.

Summarizing about the park, I can say that more than two or three hours adult there is nothing to do there. Rides still, but mostly children’s. If you are with you children – throw a couple of hours. Between the attractions you can have a snack in restaurants, there are enough them there. There are still shops with company Ferrarian souvenirs, from teddy children’s toys to the expensive status toys of men’s. Once – I wonder to see. Well, then boast then))

Sights of the UAE Personal Experience

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