Sights of the new Athos

Business card of the city – Novo Ahphon Monastery, located on the elevation almost in the center. Male monastery, women are allowed only in long skirts and covered heads.

  • View from the Iverland Mountain to the NovoAafon Monastery
  • Iverskaya mountain. Road to the top
  • Stalagmite "White Mount". New Aphon Cave
Sights of the new Athos

In the slopes of the surrounding mountains there is a huge amount of grottoes and caves, many of which served as a shelter as early Christian monks, and the local residents themselves. 5 km of the north-west of the New Athophone Monastery, in the village of Anunub, is small Grotto Agitsa ("Break") in which numerous traces of the parking lot of an ancient person, including wall paintings, discovered. In a semi-kilometer from the temple, upstream of the River Psyrsha ("Pzyrdsha" Translated from Abkhaz – "fir spring"), is the grotto in which there was a solitary Clay Apostle Simon Kananitis (paid entrance). Nearby are located Temple of the IX-X centuries, Small granite Voon with the Foot Foot of the Apostle, a source with holy water, artificial waterfall and small Lake. It is believed that the traveler is waiting for luck if he is rapidly pulling out of the water recess "Apostolic blood" Camers.

The most impressive cave complex is still famous New Aphon Cave. A huge paint cavity with a complex labyrinth system was opened with almost accidentally a native of these places in Givi Smyr in 1961. The total length of passing through 8 halls (in all of them here 11) of the tourist trail – 2 km, the passage occupies approximately 1.5 hours. When visiting a newafon cave should be borne in mind that the air temperature in the dungeon is always constant and keeps in the area of ​​the mark + 11 ° C, the air humidity is high, so it is recommended to take warm clothes with you. Not superfluous will be reliable shoes.

By the way, the new Athos is the smallest city in the world with its own subway, the role of which is played by the New Aafonian Cave Railway.

  • New Aphon Cave Railway. Station "Apsns"
  • Museum and Temple of the Apostle Simon Kananita
  • Waterfall on the River Psyrsha

From the newafon cave, it is certainly worth climbing the serpentine in the mountains. For clouds on top of the Iverland Mountain, the majestic ruins are hidden, which occupy an area of ​​about 70 thousand kV. meters. Anacopian citadel reaches sizes 83 by 37 meters. Along the fortress is regularly conducted by one and a half hours of group tours, but the independent visit is not taken.

NovoAafonsky Primorsky Park Allows you to safely relax after visiting the historic sights of the city.

Also in the city it is worth viewing Pokrovskaya church (XIX B.), recently outlook near the church of St. Simon Cannel Museum of the Abkhaz kingdom with an extensive historical collection and even a layout of boats and traditional estate, quite interesting Museum of ethnography, life and culture of Abkhaz, Monastic dam 1903 Building (it is characteristic that for its construction, the monks used a stone from the disassembled walls of an ancient fortress), located exactly halfway between the Iverland mountain and the New Aphon monastery Pavilion Abandoned Railway Station Psyrsha (1944 G.) Over artificial Waterfall, as well as ancient Station of Monastery Leshotza From the first in the region of the railway branch on the mountain of Akua (Aku).

From here, by the way, tracking lovers can make an interesting trip under the Senius of the Century Forest on the ridge of the Ridge of Azhvamggwa to his highest point – the mountain of the same name (1283 m), from where you can go down to the East – in the valley of the Gumists, or to the South-West – to the ancient village Amba Rychuza (settlements with this title here are two, and they will be distinguished from each other much significantly).

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