Sights of the Netherlands: Personal Experience

. I’ll tell you about one special place, namely, about the largest in Europe underground christmas market. Bazaar is located in the Dutch town of Valkenburg, not far from the German border. Local catacombs stretched out on incredible 65 km, a building stone was mined in them. Now there are tourists in the dungeons, and a mega-bazaar is satisfied in Christmas time. Rather, the bazaars of the whole 3, but I managed to visit only at the biggest in GemeIndegroTte.

To get to the mega-bazaar first you need to defend in the mega-queue. It was a mistake to go there on Saturday. The kilometer turn out the whole town. And it is clear that by defending in such a queue for about an hour, no one hurried to leave the catacombs, because inside the people was an order of magnitude more than outside.

First you do not understand where I got. We expect a miracle, you think that we are about to find in the fabulous Christmas atmosphere of the holiday.

Nothing like this! Very soon it becomes clear that you got not in a fairy tale, but on the usual overcrowded promotional market. Single underground Cherkizon with a lot of hint that somewhere at the same time Christmas celebrates! In general, as you probably understood, I did not like it there. Although the places were pretty cute.

Orchid Garden De Orchideeen Hoeve (Holland): how to get there and the cost of entry

Gardens are open every day from 9 to 18 hours, on Sundays from 10. Adult ticket for adults 9.5 euros. For children from 5 years – 4.5. Kids for free.

Sights of the Netherlands Personal Experience

Go there stands if you are in Holland longer than 2-3 days. Gardens are far enough away from the main tourist routes, and "Jump for a minute" will not work. But if you are delayed at longer, and, for example, you plan to go to "Dutch Venice" Githoorn is very much on the way.

We, for example, combined a visit to Orchideen Hoeve with a driving on the dam via Houtribdijk through Ijsslemeer and visiting cities of the province of North Holland – Eykhausen and Alkmaar.

Ride the most convenient on the car. You can get a public output, but it will be necessary to make a bunch of transplants, and it will take a lot of time.

Sights of the Netherlands Personal Experience

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