Sights of the Islands of Terks and Caicos

Salt-Kay’s dried Solt-Kay – a tiny block of land with an area of ​​only 10 kV. km inhabited by total 80 inhabitants. It is in essence, a small open-air museum.

South Caicos would not be interesting to tourists if it were not for his magnificent reef with large drops of depths stretching along the Eastern coast and attracting thousands of divers here.

Providence Island, commonly called "Provo", It is the main tourist center of the islands from the magnificent beaches.

Little uninhabited island of Western Kaikos lies around 8 km south-west provo. The eastern coast of the island of the hollow and is famous for its beaches that are among the best in the archipelago.

Sights of the Islands of Terks and Caicos

Middle Caicos – one of the least developed islands of the archipelago, not having almost no shops, hotels or nightclubs. But this is one of the most unspoken islands of the group.

Northern Caicos – "Island-Sad", How to call his locals, is considered the most beautiful and most green places of the archipelago.

Eastern Caicos – "Sizal Island", As they are often referred to as the biggest plantations of this plant, once covering most of the territory of the island, they are almost uninhabable today.

Sights of the Islands of Terks and Caicos

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