Sights of the Dominican Republic: Personal Experience

Putta-Cana’s popular resort is located on the south-east coast of Haiti Island. Here are the best in the Dominican Republic Beaches with snow-white coral sand.

Beach. All beaches in Dominican Republic – Municipal, T.E. put fences, limit the visit or free move on the coastline no one has the right. This is by law. But Dominican is a country where a part of the issues is not solved by law, but according to the concepts. Protection of hotels is watching the beach on the beach. The selection criterion is the color of the skin or the presence of an ollinklus bracelet, and what is the hotel.

There are small, free hotels on the beach, where you can retire. Local rest here.

The range of water entertainment is quite wide. Many prefer the beach walks. You can go for a very long time. During the walk, you will definitely offer massages, cigars, fishing, excursions and "Everything You Want".

Beaches in Dominican Republic

Now about the beach. The Atlantic Ocean is never calm, so there is always a wave. And it is bizarre breaks about the reef and becoming unpredictable.

You can calmly swim and suddenly neither with anyone covers with his head. Therefore, I strongly do not recommend swimming in sunglasses – Utopit. And on the contrary, swimming glasses are very appropriate, because the water is significantly salty and the eyes after it are red as with an annoying. Be sure to take sunscreen or sprays! Burn up instantly do not notice how. I generally lay down all the time under the umbrella and tanned no worse than my spouse, heating fat in the sun, only unlike her never burned. To occupy a normal place in the first row under the umbrella to the beach came at 6 am. Seventh Paul Everything was already busy. Well, with our time difference (in Moscow it is 14:00) it is not difficult. First time, while not used to, got up very early. The bar on the beach is free, only alcohol gave one glass in hand. Non-alcoholic take how much you want.

The main component of all drinks is ice. He does not regret. Raw. Boys walk boys waiters. Drinks spread to the complained bodies. Also for free, but tapane in the amount of one dollar is quite happy.

There are traders, sell all sorts of things. But if you do not want to smoke a cigar from banana leaves or drink cocoa with worms, I do not advise you to buy anything. Immediately sell excursions, but it is better to take from your tour operator.

How to get to Saon Island in Dominican Republic

In general, the island itself is located on the Caribbean coast of Dominicans, but tourists from all over the island. From Bavaro, Punta Gorda, even from Santo Domingo there are tours. Options, as a rule, two: either completely on water, on boats of different sizes and capacity, or in transport to the berth somewhere in La Roman or Bayyiba, and then on the boat.

Best do not regret money and choose a trip to the far deserted beach of Kanto de la Playa (as we did). I sit there for three hours, they sing Roma who want, give out a mask to lovers snoring, and you are just tupping, bathe in warmth, like a pair of milk, the sea and do not even think to take a shower after salty water.

Sights of the Dominican Republic Personal Experience

Looked at whales in Dominican Republic: expensive and stupid

The program of our visit to Dominican Republic was to go on a tour and see whales. Fortunately they came to mating, and they could be observed from the yacht. Having spent 600 bucks for two, in the morning we were brought to the airport for departure to Samana Airport. To fly there for about 30-40, but we sat more, waited for us a plane. Flew in Samana and we met a guide in my opinion, his name was His Nikita. He spent a small libez on the whales, spent a small briefing how to behave in the boat and in the course of the trip on the bus all the time, something told about local customs and so on, in general, it was interesting.

We arrived in the port. Sat on Yacht. Her motors, simply tear the waves in the shreds. She Torpeda rushed on 2 meter waves to meet the whale. This event has more resembled American slides, on how we bounced on the waves high, and at least it was fun. While walked in the sea everything was fine. Went to the point and began to look for where they float. And here the people came across. 40 minutes we swung on the waves, and a professional photographer who gained tripods, interchangeable lenses and other cameras, for the damn cloud of money, just sat in the side and fed whales than it was fed for breakfast. I and my wife turned out to be a little stronger, and your whale breakfast "Called". We filmed whales, returned green from nausea to the port

Independent holiday in Dominican Republic

Recently arrived from Dominican. Until now, I have not worked in a king of Moscow everyday life. Rested in Dominican for the first time. And really liked. I am generally accustomed to Egypt and Turkey, all inclusive. Paid, and then a travel agency for a conversationality bears. And here friends came back from Puerto-Board, advised acquaintances there, we bought tickets with my wife and flew. The flight was long, but surprisingly easily moved. Maybe we were in anticipation? I tried to learn some Spanish words – in any way.

Airport to Santo Domingo quite civilized, many people. We were first confused, but we were met by the guys, with whom we wrote off still at home. White meets there they were alone. Immediately struck the sea Caribbean, sunset, lights, smells and movement of cars. Be prepared for unusual traffic rules. The guys settled us in the hotel, the next day they took to the colonial zone, on the grave of Columbus, the forts of the times of Spanish conquerors. Immediately reached at times when it were still acknowledged by the books about pirates and conquerors. Two days have enough to explore the entire capital. After that, they went north to the Atlantic Ocean through the whole country.

So I can say that I looked at least partially, not as Egypt. Going again in January (if you let go from work). Higher thanks for the help of the guys, without which I would not put anyway. Very competently and unobtrusively work, they advise standing things, show what you ask or are looking for. I advise everyone to go to the Dominican Republic until the visas have introduced. Write to whom it is interesting, I can give imal and phone guys.

Sights of the Dominican Republic Personal Experience

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