Sights of the Czech Republic: Personal Experience

Chesky Sternberk is not only a castle with which all coming tourists association, but this is still a small settlement consisting of 152 people. Part of the population work on the owners of the castle, part is occupied by agriculture, the place is calm and good. The settlement is located on the Sazawa River and has its railway station and bus service, so many tourists can come here and not as part of tourist groups. Naturally, come here for the castle, we will get acquainted with him.

Excursion not without errors while the guide said to everyone that you can pay for shooting inside the castle, I was busy photo of the settlement and listening. Therefore, inside there will be only a couple of photos from the phone, the girl accompanying the castle constantly watched those who take pictures. and I had no stickers.

Excursion here is part of the trip to Kutna Mountain and the Kuznitz. Therefore, it is paid to the castle not a lot of time, about an hour. Groups set from different agencies, before traveling everyone is collected in one pile and carry. For a visit to the castle already in the bus additionally for the entrances everything they will collect money, so it is better to have money with you and including that would buy at least water or other drinks on the way. Time for a full-fledged lunch will not still be. But you can already return to 16.00 in Prague.

When it is better to visit Charles Bridge

Nastagozes Castle

My journey in Europe ended with a visit to this fabulous castle – generic nest of the genus Lobkovitz. IMHO – must be visited and inspected.

First, the architecture of the castle and the appearance, made in the technique of Sgrafito, will not leave anyone indifferent (similar places in the Czech Republic is simply no).

Secondly, in the castle there is one of the richest private collections of painting of five centuries, which includes Rubens, Senior and Junior Bruegeli, Cranes and Veronese. Unusual Utensils, Carved Furniture, Weapon Collection.

Alive still the last owner of the castle, who returned the premises to the law on restitution in 1991. He is already, of course, in the years, 82 years old, but all the farm is managed by his son, our contemporary. Surprisingly, when the descendant of the prince’s kind knows his pedigree as much until the 16th century.

Unfortunately, in the castle itself it is forbidden to remove. Only the second floor is open to visit, and only accompanied by a guide (excursions in English and Czech languages). But in our there is a booklet with a detailed description of the history of the castle and the interior of the rooms. In the lobby you can buy a beautiful wine plant of the Lobkovian family, which is prepared as much as the 17th century.

"Invisible exhibition" (Prague)

Sights of the Czech Republic Personal Experience

By Bavaria with Lanta Tour

According to Prague with our audio

Mystical Walk on Mysterious Prague

&# 65279; Helowing mood inspired me one interesting route in the winter Prague. The proportion of walled trample in the tourist time in the old-fashioned chimes under the sad muttering of the guide! Down beaten stereotypes like "here in Prague everything is being photographed" or "This is necessary to visit"! To whom "necessary"? I suggest you yourself go to mystical journey through the mysterious Prague! For this walk, you need to go for hours at 10 pm, when the tourist holy will come and the correct evening mood will appear. I advise you warmly dress, drink hot tea with brandy or beherring and go to the road – the whole walk will not take more than 45 minutes.

Let’s start in the most mysterious location Prague – the Jewish city in the Staronian synagogue on Cherry Street. It is here in the Middle Ages who lived alchemists and magicians, astrologers and kabbalists. It was here that Kabbalist Rabbist Maharal created the Golem – a mighty clay man who submitted to his orders. Once in 1593 he forgot him "switch off" And golem has done. Rabbi Maharalha had to destroy him immediately. According to the legend, the remains of the golem still hidden in the Staronian Synagogue. And also on the legend, the foundation of the Staronian synagogue consists of stones that angels from Jerusalem brought. Fantastic? However, geologists argue that some stones are on the basis of obviously Nevsky origin.

Through Malostran Square and County We go to the village of Stegrodov Street and turn off on Rzhichni. Stop at the church of St. John (St. Jan on the grandfather). Here the most abnormal place of Prague, where harness is most often found. For example, ominous funeral procession of nuns. Or young princess. If there is a desire to continue, then you can rise to the lore and wagon in dark streets there. May be seen the famous ghost – Prague Fire Dog. Although, it is better not to risk – they say, dangerous. Short journey approached the end. Now you can go with friends to some kind of zucchini and drink a good mulled winemaker – you deserve it!

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