Sights of the Czech Republic: Moravian Cars

North of Brno begins one of the most beautiful corners of the Czech Republic – Moravsky Karst (Moravsky Krast, Moravian Karst). This is one of the largest karst arrays of Europe – approximately 400 caves in the territory of approximately 25 km, more than three dozen canyons, lakes and a whole Underground River Paradia. The array itself is low (the highest point is 734 meters), but many caves go to a very big depth: the lower point – the abyss of Machah (Macocha, "Stepmother", 138 meters below the surface level) in Pankevni Jeskyne. 18 species of bats and several dozen species of invertebrate animals live here (almost 30% of them – endemics). In some grumps there are drawings of ancient people.

Of all the abundance of dungeons for visiting tourists only 4 are open, but Punkevni Jeskyne, Undoubtedly, is one of the most remarkable places of the continent. Every 15-20 minutes, a group of guides go under the ground, the campaign takes approximately an hour and is available for people of different preparations. From April to June and in September, tours are available on Mondays from 10:00 to 15:50, from Thursday to Sunday – from 8:20 to 15:50; From July to August – on Mondays from 10:00 to 15:50 and from Thursday to Sunday – from 8:20 to 17:00; In October – from Thursday to Friday from 8:40 to 14:00, on Saturdays and Sundays – from 8:20 to 15:40; From November to March – from Thursday to Sunday from 8:40 to 14:00.

After a series of five caves travelers get into a giant mossy Matsehi’s abyss, Educated by the collapse of the arch of one of the underground kavern. The first-hander is her father Lazar Erker, descended here in 1728 – almost for two hundred years before the caves themselves were properly investigated. Then, on a boat, you can melt on a segment of parasites. Already outside the dungeons it is worth using a very cool cable car (Lanova Draha), climbing to the top of the Matsha, which allows you to see the whole travelers from the height. To do this, the route is more convenient to acquire Kombi-Karte, which is the pass and on the rope, and on the ECOP train (VLACEK), which is in the most interesting places.

Sights of the Czech Republic Moravian Cars

Other dungeons open to the public are noticeably less impressive, but also the queues of tourists here much shorter. Very interesting Cave Katerina (Katerinska Jeskyne), lying a little higher than Matci, in the place where the parakeus goes to the surface. This is the largest separate cave in the region – 100 meters of length at 20 meters of height.

To get to the caves by public transport, it is necessary to sit on the morning train from Brno to the Blanche Station (20 km north of the city, you should not confuse it with the Blanc!), then walk 200 meters south to the bus station, from where to get to the village of Scalney Mlyn (Skalni Mlyn), where you are the main ticket office and the Informational Center Punkevni Jeskyne. From here you can get to the caves on foot (1.5 km), ecoplane, bus or cycling. It is also worth a walk along a very good five-car meter trail (marked with green markers) through the forest immediately from the Blanche Station. Before visiting the caves, you should make sure the presence of warm clothes, since the temperature in the dungeons always keeps in the area + 8.7 ° C.

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