Sights of the city of Belogorsk

If you decide to go to the city of Belogorsk, then you need to know everything about the presence of sights. After all, I don’t always want to lie only on the beach, sometimes Soul requires a walk on small picturesque sites.

Safari Park Tagger

The most famous place for entertainment activities is Safari Park Tagger, which always attracted tourists from all over the Crimea. In this park you can make friends with imprints that live in the Crimean conditions. Square of this park big enough, But the largest part of this territory is given under Lviv and Tigers. On the territory of the park you can relax in the cafe, recreation area for children or stay at the hotel at night.

It is best to move to this place in the day, as a walk will take you about 5 hours. In this park you can Play with small tigers and try national Crimean dishes. So the walk can be stretched for a whole day. In this place, you will definitely like your children, so you will definitely take them with you in this park.

White Scala

White cliff is the most famous landmark of Belogorsk. This majestic wall that reaches a height of 100 meters, Closes the valley of the river from the east, and there are tiny shells throughout its territory. This rock was created by the sea so far on the slopes You can find the teeth of prehistoric sharks or petrified shells. On cloudy days, this rock is gray, but at dawn it is revealed completely differently and you can see a purple or blue tide. In ancient times, various legends went on this rock that in the cave of this cliff treasures were hidden.

Suvorovsky Oak

Under this oak Commander Suvorov led negotiations with the Turks. Therefore, this place is the most historical. In memory of these events, the oak was taken under the protection of the state and even Surrounded by fence. But it is possible to look at this sight of certainly, you can even invite various Excursion programs, where they tell more Detailed history of this place.

Sights of the city of Belogorsk

Tigaigan reservoir

This reservoir is an important attraction of Belogorsk. It is from this reservoir Enters water to various villages and villages of Crimea. Fishermen come here in order to enjoy the beauty of nature and give.

So if you want to retire with nature, then be sure to come here, as it is very quiet and peaceful place.

Cheremis Waterfalls

These waterfalls are called this way because they are near the village of Cheremisovka. Such waterfalls There are only five, And it is best to visit them in the spring of the year, when the rainy season passes. The highest waterfall is a waterfall "Cascade", But he also dries up the very first.

Sights of the city of Belogorsk

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